by Michel Ocelot, France 2012


The old grandfather welcomes us into his blue cave to share more of his stories. He still has plenty more wonderful tales about Kirikou’s childhood to tell, when he helped the men and women from his own village and from other villages, too. He tells us how
Kirikou’s courage and intelligence helped the Strong Woman whose roof had been destroyed by Karaba the witch. He tells us how our little hero used his cunning to find the Old Grouch who was lost on the savannah. Another reveals how Karaba kidnapped the Storyteller, but she was nonetheless able to share her tales with the villagers. We also find out the secret of the mysterious Blue Monster and, thanks to a flute and someone from Kirikou’s own family, we learn about the magical powers of music.





by Tatyana Kublitskaya, Belarus 2012


The little boy Pilipka turned up at log hut of evil Baba-Yaga. He is trying to run away. But the forest where the log hut is located was bewitched...



A Monster in the Reservoir

by Sung-Gang Lee, South Korea 2012


A monster lived alone the reservoir surrounded by mountains. However, No one knew his existence at there. One day, a little girl , played the bouncing ball, who came to the reservoir and close to be touched with the monster, But the monster hide himself because he was afraid that he might scare her.



Madam Darmi's Sukun Chips

by Heri Kumiawan, Indonesia 2012


One noon, Madam Darmi left her train and while waiting in Sukabrantah, she meets an annoying stranger with a pack of Sukun Chip!



Grand Dad

by Aleksandr Lenkin, Belarus 2012


In the ancient times people considered old men to be a burden and used to get rid of them. But once in one family children, who loved their father, left him at home and hid him from people. The old man who had much seen during his life could give all the family a great deal of wise advice.


Lion Dance

by Duan Wenkai, Ma Weijia, China 2012


The boy and the girl are Circus actors.They play as a lion.The boy always play as the lion's head,and the girl always play as the lion's tail,which makes the girl very unhappy. So the girl try to grab the lion's head during the performance,which make a lot of trouble.


Dog in Heaven

by Jeanette Nørgaard, Denmark 2012


The little girl Lora arrives at a secluded monastery with Dog.The nun, Sister Esperanza, has escorted them here with a promise of it being 'a better place'. Once inside the great wall surrounding the monastery, Lora and Dog are separated. Lora gets cleaned and uniformed as the rules of the monastery prescribe. That same night Dog is put down. Lora is not allowed to grieve and she decides to turn into a dog herself.