AniMovie 4 / Kids

PINOCCHIO (aged at least 6 years), 70 min.

by Enzo D'Alò, Italy/Belgium/France/Luxembourg 2012


Carpenter Geppetto builds a puppet and names him Pinocchio. Upon his numerous adventures, the marionette runs into quite a bit of trouble, but fortunately, a Fairy with Turquoise Hair helps him extricate from his many mischiefs. The Fairy comes along with a Crow, an Owl and a Talking Cricket. Pinocchio later finds himself on the Island of Toys and is transformed into a donkey. After a brave escape, he ends up in the belly of a shark where he saves Geppetto, who had also been swallowed by the shark while searching for Pinocchio at sea.








Aston's Presents

by Uzi Geffenblad, Lotta Geffenblad, Sweden 2012


In his anxious waiting for his birthday Aston is creating packages of anything that gets on his way. Sometimes the real present is not the best one.




Licht aus im Schneckenhaus

by Verena Fels, Germany 2012


Such a comfortable place to sleep isn’t very easy to find, as you have to squash together sometimes.




Good Night, Carola

by Alexandra Schatz, Germany 2012


Carola is an intrepid and fearless little girl who is frightened of nothing and nobody. She isn’t even surprised when she discovers there is a monster hiding under her bed. On the contrary…



Mimi & Lisa - Twins from the Cards

by Katarina Kerekesova, Slovakia 2012


Blind Mimi lives in a dull grey apartment building. One day, little crazy Lisa moves in and brings excitement and fantasy to Mimi’s orderly life. In each episode, they jointly get to know exceptional people living in the flats in the dull grey building, who open doors to them not only into their homes, but also into new, unknown worlds.



On the Wing

by Vera Myakisheva, Russia 2012


A little hen dreams of learning to fly. 






The Smortlybacks

by Ted Sieger, Wouter Dierickx, Switzerland/China 2012


Die erstaunliche und unendliche Reise eines Elefantentreibers und seiner sonderbaren Herde auf einem Bergplateau.