Screenplay Workshops

Meet international screenplay, character design and games professionals.


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WED, 23.4. // 10 AM // METROPOL 3

John Chambers: What I think about when writing for Children.
Some theory and a bit of practice.

John talks about his work as a writer and illustrator of books and screenplays, and offers a little practice to go with the theory.

THU, 24.4. // 10 AM // METROPOL 3 

Eric Shaw: Heart, Mind and Soul – Character and Story Creation for Animated Television Series

Why do we watch animated television series? Is it fantasy fulfillment? To watch a story we've never seen before? Or to enjoy a character’s growth from episode to episode, or season to season? Please join in as Eric Shaw, Emmy Winning writer („WordGirl”, “SpongeBob SquarePants”) and Visiting Instructor (Screenwriting, Colorado College) teaches his process in creating memorable characters and the ins and outs of dramatic structure for the short-form animated television series.

SAT, 26.4. // 10 AM // METROPOL 3 

Max Howard: Creating an Effective Story and How to Pitch It

Interactive workshop that provides detailed information on how to succinctly create and effectively pitch a story for any type of film and TV production, live action or animation. The workshop is tailor-made for the audience’s needs and can also include working “live” on a specific story, providing a practical application for the applied techniques that will have been outlined earlier in the presentation.

FR 25.4. // 10 AM // METROPOL 3

Studio Fizbin (Ludwigsburg): Find the Hunakel! – Creative Character Design for Games

Part lecture, part workshop – Here you will learn the basics for character design. You will find out where the specific challenges lie if your character is to act in a game, and even why there is a good character designer in you and you do not even have to be good at drawing (even though it sometimes might help). Well, and in the end we’ll find the Hunakel!
With Mareike Ottrand.

SUN, 27.4. // 10 AM // METROPOL 3 

Rao Heidmets: How to Make Your Story Crazy Enough

There is no question we should add something crazy to our script – the answer is definitely YES. The only question worth asking is: Is our story crazy enough? To ensure it is, we will discuss where and how we can find more craziness. We'll make crazy exercises to improve our craziness, or even better, to discover our inner genius. And all with the help of some crazy pics and clips.



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