British Shorts Back to Nature

curated by: Kevin Franklin

Today we live in a world where we are constantly dealing with the effects of nature. All over the planet we see the terrible consequences of tornadoes, floods and earthquakes which devastate lives and the environment. In the past two decades we have realised that the way we live our lives, the way we interact with nature can profoundly affect the long-term future of the earth. We have termed it global warming but as we know this can mean extreme cold in winter and severe heat and drought in summer. You only have to turn on your television to watch wildlife and environmental documentaries to appreciate that a better understanding of the natural world can help us in our battle to slow down the effects of global warming. It is our relationship with our animal friends that give us the most pleasure, whether they are our pets, our "employees" or our dinner! Animals can take on human characteristics such as imitating our speech, chasing a ball or fighting each other. They have been a great source of material for animators since the medium began, making us laugh or question the way we treat our less evolved creatures. To live in harmony with nature is our ultimate aim so any lessons we can learn are in our own interests.

The technology used by animators may have changed but the inventive, surreal storylines and the gorgeous imagery on show here remind us that any form of visual art cannot approach the natural beauty of nature. If we destroy our environment then we lose some of the simple pleasures in life like hearing a bird sing or seeing a stunning landscape of forests and lakes. Please enjoy these films and try to show respect to our furry, feathered and fishy friends. After all we do inhabit the same planet and there is room for us all to live in harmony on this big green and blue globe.

Metropol 3, Sat, 07.05. / 7 PM

Down on the Farm


01 REAP WHAT YOU SEW, Jurate Gecaite & Alex Collier 2010, 11:00 min

02 ZOMBIE ASOCKALYPSE, Paul Bruce 2009, 5:00 min

03 THE GRAND EASTER EGG HUNT, Linda McCarthy 2010, 8:00 min

04 THE BOY WHO WANTED TO BE A LION, Alois Di Leo 2010, 8:00 min

05 THE TANNERY, Iain Gardner 2010, 6:00 min

06 OFF TO THE PARK, Luke Doyle 2010, 3:00 min

07 SILENT TOUCH, Tomek Ducki 2010, 11:00 min

08 LOSERS: FLUSH, Tom Werber 2010, 5:00 min

09 MATTER FISHER, Dave Prosser 2010, 6:00 min

10 THE GOAT&THE WELL, Ben Cady 2010, 5:00 min

11 SAVE OUR BACON, Peter Baynton 2010, 14:00 min

Metropol 3, Sat, 07.05. / 9 PM

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable


01 BURN THE WHOLE PLACE DOWN, Jordan Wood 2010, 10:00 min

02 SELF SERVICE, Silas Money 2010, 3:00 min

03 EL MACHO, Dani Negrin Ochoa 2011, 7:00 min

04 THURSDAY, Mattias Hoegg 2010, 7:00 min

05 BATTENBERG, Stewart Comrie 2009, 12:00 min

06 DEAR FOREIGNER, Kate Jessop 2010, 5:00 min

07 GLOVER, Jo Lawrence 2010, 8:00 min

08 HOW TO ANIMATE, Jordan Wood 2009, 6:00 min

09 VOVO, Luis Lafayette Stockler 2010, 5:00 min

10 TEDDY GOLDBLATT, Rob Munday 2010, 10:00 min

11 MARVIN, Mark Nute 2010, 7:00 min

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