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Ron Diamond

Executive Producer ACME Filmworks

Style is an essential part of what Ron Diamond, Executive Producer and Founder of Acme Filmworks Hollywood searches for when scouting undiscovered inspired animation talent. Acme is celebrated for it’s 21 years of creating spots, videos titles, shorts, TV feature work, which include seminal award winning brand work for Levi’s Women’s Jeans, Scott Free, United Airlines, Nike, Hilton, Toyota and others.

Diamond presents special curated collections at festivals and produces for animators in New York, Mumbai, Rio, Beijing, London, Utrecht, Stuttgart, Annecy, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Paris, Montreal, Segovia, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and 15 other countries.

Acme’s Pillars of the Earth main titles by Michal Socha is featured in the five city traveling exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production, opened in 2011 at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and in transit to open May 26, 2012 at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York.

Diamond is now in development on Overtime, an animated feature and two shorts including an adaption of Samuel Beckett’s Le Dépeupleur and in final editorial stages on a new book and smart pad App On Animation: The Director’s Perspective. Diamond is co-founder and President of

Cosma Shiva Hagen

Actress and Voice Actress

Laetitia Rouxel


Pleix is a community of digital artists (graphic designers, 3d artists, musicians...) willing to mix their skills to gain greater freedom for various projects. The Pleix touch could be a common work on limits, contradictions and accidents that show the fragility of the digital world. We are all based in Paris. We never put our inviduals name but sign our different projects under the name of PLEIX. We work together since 2001. We are all complementary technically and creatively and it's an ideal situation for us to be together. We love sharing our work with the public. That's why we like all kind of different fields to show our films, exhibitions, festivals, internet, TV, commercials etc...

René Storck


René Storck, born in 1968, lives and works in Frankfurt/Main and Paris. His company is located on Goethestrasse in Frankfurt. This flagship store with its 180 m2 of showroom area has opened its doors in 2007 and it offers the entire product portfolio of the label: a semi-couture line that is produced in its in-house atelier, prêt-à-porter, cashmereknits, and handmade leatherwear. Already as a child, Storck was fascinated by fashion and he taught himself how to draw. After the abitur, he began an apprenticeship as tailor and in his early twenties, Storck started his first attempts to walk by designing fashion under his own name. In 2011, the second step followed: He established the label René Storck. Today, the company employs 15 people and it produces nearly exclusively in Germany.


Daniel Ohr

Head of Department Marketing & Card

E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.

01. September 2014

Animated Spaces - Animation, architecture, and game art (Prof. Ulrich Wegenast)

Expanded Animation Symposium (Sept. 5, 2014) at Ars Electronica 2014 (Linz, Austria)

29. April 2014

ITFS 2014 - Trickstars for the best animated films have been awarded

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film ended with the big award...

25. April 2014

The Animated Com Award Ceremony held at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

April 25, 2014 in the Mercedes-Benz Museum