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Wed, 09.05. / 10 PM, Metropol 1

Jan and Jan-Peter's Action Selection: way-out series in series
Short film aficionados, Jan-Peter Meier and Jan Bauer, have dug deep into the animated film box and have brought a choice selection of lesser-known animated series to the projector light. Bizarre designs, absurd gags and senseless violence – this cult night celebrates the fun of the extreme.

Superjail! takes us behind the walls of a prison with unpredictable hardened criminals and a load of mad personnel. Seldom has brutality been shown in such a fast-paced and imaginative fashion – a psychedelic splatter spree. French puppet animation series, A town called panic reveals itself to be completely non-violent. Touchingly drawn characters from the world of toy Indians and plastic cowboys present a firework of situational comedy in an animation style which is demonstratively unpolished. Action heroes and toys are also the stars in Robot Chicken, an absurd and lively parody of American television – the very finest TV zapping! In Chowder a kitchen boy must master the everyday challenges of a catering service – fascinatingly abstruse and not just for children. Samurai Jack is considerably more serious, but no less superb. A Samurai warrior with a magic sword is looking for a way back into the past in a futuristic fantasy world. Wonderful designs and exuberant production ideas with diverse echoes of the world of sci-fi and fantasy cinema earned the series a total of four Emmys – and a place in the cult night program. Talking about cult; as far as way-out series are concerned, we cannot forget The Ren and Stimpy Show. The psychedelic stories of choleric Chihuahua Ren Höek and fat tomcat Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat are still among the most bizarre characters that the genre has to offer.

Thu, 10.05. / 10 PM, Metropol 1


FUNimation presents: Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

Fumihiko Sori, Japan 2012, 90 min.

An action-packed look at the origins of a character destined to shake the very foundations of the Dragon Age world: Cassandra Pentaghast from the "Dragon Age" fantasy video games by BioWare serves as the protagonist in this anime. In a land where battles are fought with swords and magic, a young heroine rises to glory as Templars, mages, and dragons clash. Cassandra, a brash and beautiful warrior, must stop a conspiracy that threatens the realm’s most powerful religious order. Accused of treasonous crimes and hunted by friend and foe, Cassandra must clear her name and overcome her rage in order to save the day and take her place in legend.
Producers: April Bennett, Lindsey Newman, Manami Fukawa, Justin Cook, Adam Zehner

Fri, 11.05. / 10 PM, Metropol 1



Munehisa Sakai, Japan 2009, 115 min.

One Piece Film: Strong World is the 10th feature film based on Eiichiro Oda’s pirate manga, One Piece. The original story was written by Eiichiro Oda himself in honour of One Piece’s Tenth Anniversary (In previous films Oda only supplied character designs and approved story ideas. For this one Toei Studio personally asked if he would write the story). The movie is set after the Thriller "Bark Arc" - Shiki, the evil captain kidnaps Nami to force her to join his crew and intends to conquer the East Blue. Monkey D. Luffy and his crew must stop Shiki from carrying out his plans.

Sat, 12.05. / 10 PM, Metropol 1


Jin Roh & Ghost in the Shell 2.0



Hiroyuki Okiura, Japan 2000, 98 min.

Jin-Roh (人狼 Jinrō, lit. "Man-Wolf") is a 1999 Japanese animated political thriller adapted from Mamoru Oshii's Kerberos saga manga Ken-Roh Densetsu and of various live action films he directed. This anime focuses on the individual faces and personalities behind politically motivated terrorism and shows that an individual can make ethical decisions – even in a totalitarian society.



Mamoru Oshii, Japan 1995/2008, 83 min.

Alongside "Akira", "Ghost in the Shell" by Mamoru Oshii from 1995 is a classic example for a Science Fiction anime and was mainly responsible for the increasing international popularity of animes. "Ghost in the Shell 2.0" is a new edition (version 2.0) from 2008 for which main parts of the animations were digitally re-mastered as CGI.