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CARTOONS FOR TEENS, Fri, 11.05. and Sat, 12.05 / 7 PM, CINEMA

The competition focuses on youths aged between 12 and 18 and shows the best animated series, animes and cut scenes from computer games.

more information

PIXEL TRICKS, Wed, 09.05. - Sun, 13.05. / starting at 4 PM

Join-In Programme


At the Teens Area, participants will create and animate their own pixel characters for an animated film and experiment on the computer with 8 bit sounds. The resulting films will be presented in the evenings on the open air screen at the Schlossplatz.


supported by Ritter Sport

ANIMATION-SKATE, Wed, 09.05. and Sun, 13.05. / Festival Garden, Schlossplatz / 4-8 PM

Special: Animation-Skate

Meeting Place: Teens Area in the Festival Garden, Schlossplatz


On both these afternoons, the "Pixel Tricks" programm will include the ANimation Skate: animate your skating photos for the Majerus ramp and make cool pixel animated films, experiment on the computer with 8 bit sounds and be there when your film is shown on the open air cinema screen in the Festival Garden in the evening.


in cooperation with the Art Museum Stuttgart

Pixilation Workshop, Sat, 12.05. / 11 AM - 2 PM, Staatsgalerie

Pixilation Workshop for teens (aged 14 and older)

with Ágnes Hay (Budapest)

In cooperation with the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

In her pixilation workshop, Hungarian animation filmmaker Ágnes Háy will make use of the Staatsgalerie’s rotunda. Here, the participants themselves will be animated with the stop motion technique – thus amazing results are created in a simple manner.

In another workshop, held by Kristin Gerwien, the participants will produce a soundtrack for these animations (Saturday, 12.5., 3PM - 6PM).

The workshop will be held in English and translated into German.

Number of participants: 15

Registrations: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, 0711.470 40 453,

"Der Lorax", Sat. 12.05. / 5 PM, Gloria 1

Universal Pictures presents:

"Der Lorax"



SOUTH PARK SWEAR-ALONG, Tue, 08.05. - Sun., 13.05. / 7-8 PM daily, Festival Garden, main stage

Comedy Central Presents: South Park Swear-Along


Join us every day between 19:00 and 20:00 at the Festival Garden main stage and participate in the very first South Park Swear-Along contest in Germany! Comedy Central hand-picked the best songs from the series legendary run, including “Lady Gaga’s Poker Face” and Bigger. Longer. and Uncuts “Kyle’s Mom’s a B*tch”. Aside from the English-spoken versions, there will also be German versions of “Naked Ride”, “Butters Theme Song” and “Fingerbang”. The best vocalists will win an exclusive South Park prize with Ken, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman-goodies.


Access to the Trickfilm Festival Garden is free of charge and non-restricted, meaning everyone is welcome to join in on some good ol’ South Park swearing fun! Of course, it’s perhaps best if you leave your grandparents behind... because not everyone can handle, you know, the guilty pleasure of public profanity.