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Do., 10.05. / 19 Uhr, METROPOL 3

"Quantum Casino"

Animation & Physics mit Ágnes Hay und Robert Vertesi

Language: English
a project presentation by Dr Róbert Vértesi, particle physicist and  Ágnes Háy, experimental animated film maker. 
Particle physics has an important part in our current (sense of) reality. Fortunes are spent on accelerators to research it. With its weird discoveries it is lurking around us and getting into the main news with mind blowing hypotheses (i.e., antimatter, speed faster then light, dark matter and energy e.t.c.).
The project's main aim is to make outsiders understand  particle physics. It is a hands-on workshop where the participants model the sub-atomic world. Its method is stop-motion animation.The workshop, while teaching physics, would teach animation as well.
'Quantum Casino' is a unique way to popularise sciences and it is a harmonious collaboration between art and science.
Project website:

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