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Fri, 11.05. / noon, Hugendubel

Crazy Horse Session /48h Animation Jam

Animating a film before an audience? A frightening thought for most animation artists. All the more challenging is the task of creating a short film within 48 hours. International teams compete with each other in the 48h Animation Jam, live at the festival. Task 6 teams, each with two members, must develop an animated film within 48 hours. All of the teams use the same character that is taken from the festival motif to tell a short story (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes). The organisers provide the participants with the source code for various types of animation software. With the help of this competition it is possible to compare the skills of the animated filmmakers with regard to storytelling, graphic style and animation software (Maya, 3D Studio Max, xsi Softimage).

Teams 2012:

  • Adel Essan El Dien Ahmed el Badrawy
    Amgad Abd El Mohsen Ibrahim (Giza, Ägypten)
  • Andrew Pickin, Steven Pickin (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Großbritannien)
  • Sitji Chou Burnaby, Kristen Campbell (Vancouver, B.C. Kanada)
  • Pepijn Schroeijers, Yin-Ping Chang (Bristol, Großbritannien)
  • Mehreen Tanwiri (Karachi, Pakistan)
    Maria Riaz (Lahore, Pakistan)
  • Kristóf Jurik Budapest, Márk Juhász (Budapest, Ungarn)

And the winner is:


Trixi Goes to the Moving Pictures Kristen Campbell & Sitji Chou (Kanada)




Mit freundlicher Unterstützung:




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48hJam Team 4
48hJam Team 3
48hJam Team 2
48hJam Team 1