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Wed, 9.05. / 7 PM, Cinema

Take a Seat - Animationsfilme rund um den Stuhl

curated by André Eckardt

Every day we maintain a close relationship to them: seats. But what do we know about them, what really goes on inside these upholstered, leather and wooden polypods which have been living on our planet in many forms in a most reserved manner for thousands of years? The Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film has invited chairs and sofas on to the couch for in-depth analysis over a longer period of time. The amazing results are poetic and humorous personality profiles which reveal great passion and hidden dreams. They like to play the card game, Skat, in forest glades and enjoy Busby-Berkeley type revue dancing with long slim chair legs in a trendy design. Occasionally they succumb to total abandonment `a deux. Now and then they help bipeds out of their emotional traps such as loneliness or existential threats, acting, for example, as wheelchair getaway vehicles. The program invites participants to musical chairs between Czech surrealism and British humour. Take a seat. Marvel and discover the incredible world of animated seating together with your own cinema seat.

Film list

Wed, 9.05. / 21 PM, Cinema

Best of spotlight – A journey through 15 years of festival history

Spotlight, the international advertising film festival, first launched in 1998 in Ravensburg, is now one of the most renowned competitions for creatives in the German-speaking region. The festival is divided into two sections; the main competition for professionals and spotlight for students, the film student competition for up-and-coming talents. The special feature of the festival is the exciting co-existence of expert juries and their highly renowned members and the audience jury with up to 2,000 participants. Their voting results are then compared on the evening of the Festival. The "Best of spotlight" film roll, comprising spots not longer than 120 seconds, documents both the subtle and conspicuous aspects of the changes in moving picture communication - a contribution to the history of advertising which is both informative and entertaining.

Wed, 9.05. / 10 PM, Metropol 2

Stereo Short

Outstanding stereoscopic animated short films at the 19th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film



Milen Vitanov, Germany 2012, 10 min.



Joséphine Derobe, France 2011, 8 min.



Adam Wyrwas, Poland 2011, 2:16 min.


04 20 HZ

Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman und Joe Gerhardt), USA 2011, 5 min.


05 366 TAGE

Johannes Schiehsl, Germany 2011, 12 min.



Przemyslaw Anusiewicz, Poland 2011, 5:28 min.



Tomer Eshed, Germany 2011, 6:02 min.


08 SKRZATY FORTEPIANU (SPIRITS OF THE PIANO), Magdalena Osinska, Poland 2011, 3:19 min.



David Sukup, Czech Republic 2011, 38:38 min.

Sat, 12.05. / 3 PM, Metropol 2

The BW-Rolle

The best animated films from Baden-Württemberg

Sat, 12.5., 3PM, Gloria 1

The big TOM show

based on the series "TOM & the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey" Dear children, I invite you all to the big TOM show. Do you want to be the first to see my new film on the big screen? Then everyone is welcome! You can play with me, sing, get to know my friends and have a lot of fun!

I am looking forward to seeing you!





Sat, 12.5. / 5 PM, Gloria 2

Pony Productions and Tine Kluth present:

Die Wilde Jagd ("The Wild Chase")


The visualisation of the new Ärzte album "auch"


The music industry is in a bad way; record sales are plummeting. Anyone who wants to listen to music downloads recordings from file sharing applications and then puts it on youtube. The Ärzte know what their fans mean to them and want to take this arduous and time-consuming work off their hands. That is why the threesome's complete new album will appear promptly online on youtube when it is released. All of it. And instead of the one obligatory video for the single, there are 16 videos for 16 songs from 16 directors. All of them have the same concept; the best band in the world is being chased by fast food monsters, Bach & Beethoven, skeletons and a load of other unpleasant contemporaries. For a whole 60 minutes. The Ärzte are always in the same design whilst the villains and the surroundings differ from clip to clip.

Sun, 13.5. / 14 Uhr; Gloria 1

CARTOON NETWORK presents: The Amazing World of Gumball

The amazing World of Gumball combines the classic elements of a sitcom with screwball comedy elements and a healthy dose of irony. The story mainly owe their uniqueness to the characters and their likeable weakness. The series tells everyday stories. However the unorthodox lookand the cartoon-like characteristic add to the fact thatthis series goes beyond the limits of a usual animeted series.


The screening will feature episodes of the first series.

Sun, 13.05. / 3 PM, Caligari

Best of Tricks for Kids

The best animated short films from the competition Tricks for Kids

Sun, 13.05. / 4 PM, Metropol 2


Mainshow for the GS Caltx Expo Pavillion, Yeosu 2012 by Atelier Brückner and Tamschick Media and Space.

Sun, 13.05. / 7 PM, Gloria 2

Cartoon d'Or
The best European animated films

The Cartoon d’Or is the only European prize specific to the animation film industry. The idea is original because this award is based on the most important European festivals for animation films. Indeed, only the European animated shorts awarded at one of these partner festivals are allowed to compete for the Cartoon d’Or. CARTOON, with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, conceived the Cartoon d’Or as a springboard: this prestigious trophy is awarded together with a financial aid, to be used by the winning director to start a new project.



Verena Fels, Germany, 2010, 6:25 min.

Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg



Damian Nenow, Poland, 2010, 10 min.

Production: Platige Image



André Bergs, Netherlands, 2009, 5 min.

Production: Il Luster Productions



David O’Reilly, Ireland, Germany, 2010, 17 min.

Production: David O’Reilly Animation, DETAILFILM



Jakob Schuh, Max Lang, Great Britain, 2009, 27 min.

Production: Magic Light Pictures, Studio Soi




Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschötter, Germany, 2009, 6:30 min.

Production: Studio Soi

So., 13.05. / 9 PM, Gloria 2

Presentation Prix Ars Electronica

Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has focused on creative work at the interface of art, technology and society. 3017 entries from 68 different countries were submitted in 2009 in the categories Computer Animation / Film / VFX, Digital Musics, Hybrid Art, Interactive Art, Digital Communities, Media.Art. Research Award, the Next Idea Voestalpine Art and Technology Grant and U19 – Freestyle Computing.