Metropol 3, Fri, 06.05. / 9 PM

Animated Architecture II
Curated by: Cornelia and Holger Lund
Curatorial assistance: Meike Frank

A new visual culture has come to dominate the presentation of architecture in recent years: animated digital visualisation is now the tool of choice to render both actual building projects and futuristic architectural visions. This is the second program developed on architecture shorts, after the first one shown last year at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. 
The selected films and videos are again made by architects but not exclusively as artists and designers are also dealing with architectonical questions in architecture shorts.




Metropol 3, Fri, 06.05. / 5 PM

ARTE presentation: "Karambolage"/ARTE Creative

"Karambolage" is a programme by Claire Doutriaux aired Sundays on Arte at 8.00 pm. Since 2004, it has been delighting lovers of both the subtle and the bizarre evident in French and German everyday culture. Short, recurrent captions such as the word, the object, the custom, the archive, the image analysis etc. are used as headings for short, to the point, often cheeky texts that look at the details of both cultures. In the meantime the creative potential of over 60 animators/computer graphic designers from France and Germany is available to the programme.

ARTE Creative is an international, editorially supported, interactive network for young artists, cultural producers and anyone willing to be surprised and inspired. ARTE Creative presents top-quality work from the fields of art, pop culture, design and architecture. The editors, together with the community, develop new formats and experiment at the interface Web/TV. In doing so Arte actively supports creative, young talents and aims to intensify the co-operation between young cultural producers from all over Europe.
Presented by: Claire Doutriaux, Maija-Lene Rettig ("Karambolage") and Alain Bieber (ARTE Creative)

Gloria 2, Sat, 07.05. / 1 PM


The BW-Reel programme comprises animated films from Baden-Wuerttemberg which were produced last year. It includes student productions from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg and from the Media University in Stuttgart. The Stuttgart region’s independent studio scene is also well represented with its internationally successful companies.


Gloria 2, Sun, 08.05. / 7 PM

Cartoon d’Or

The Cartoon d'Or is the only European prize specific to the animation film industry. The idea is original because this award is based on the most important European festivals for animation films. Indeed, only the European animated shorts awarded at one of these partner festivals are allowed to compete for the Cartoon d’Or. CARTOON, with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, conceived the Cartoon d’Or as a springboard: this prestigious trophy is awarded together with a financial aid, to be used by the winning director to start a new project.



Gloria 2, Sun, 08.05. / 9 PM

Prix Ars Electronica

Since 1987, the Prix Ars Electronica has focused on creative work at the interface of art, technology and society. 3017 entries from 68 different countries were submitted in 2009 in the categories Computer Animation/Film/VFX, Digital Musics, Hybrid Art, Interactive Art, Digital Communities, Media.Art.Research Award, the Next Idea Voestalpine Art and Technology Grant and U19 – Freestyle Computing.
Computer Animation / Film / VFX recognizes excellence in independent work in the arts and sciences as well as in high-end commercial productions in the film, advertising and entertainment industries. In this category, artistic originality counts just as much as masterful technical achievement.
U19 - Freestyle Computing, Austria’s largest competition for young computer enthusiasts, has been held annually since 1998 in conjunction with the Prix Ars Electronica. Anything can be entered that is fun, interesting and made with the help of a computer.

Metropol 1, Wed, 04.05. /10 PM

SFA – Animation und Satire

Till Penzek and Jon Frickey will not only be showing their best films in this programme, but also the most questionable ones! SFA focuses on the development of new ideas and their own screenplays. In doing so, over 40 animated works have been created for NDR’s satirical programme extra3. The two-minute films deal with current political or social issues. The SFA has also produced various animated films for TV formats such as "Quarks & Co", "Karambolage" or for the special ARD programme about the last US election. Their work does not only include commissioned productions, but also freelance projects which their audiences can see both at film festivals and on the Internet.


SFA will be presenting live visuals at the M.A.R.K 13 party on Saturday.

Metropol 2, Sat, 07.05. / 9 PM



The SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival (CAF), is the international event that continues to be the premier place where creativity and innovation meet technology and industry. The 2010 festival featured a unique mix of independent creations and works by prominent production houses and studios, a mix of personal visions, and mainstream computer animations and visual effects. Its distinguished jury went through hundreds of entries and assembled a selection of works with the highest value of originality, craft, storytelling, experimentation, and/or technology. Selections from the SIGGRAPH 2010 festival are presented in two programs.

Program 1 includes a sampling of the Electronic Theater, the screening that includes most of the Jury Selections.

Program 2 includes samples from the TV Commercials and Cinematics program, as well as the Shorts and Long Shorts program.

Gloria 2, Thur, 05.05. / 9 PM

Stereo Expanded: National Film Board of Canada
Time and again film projects initiated by the National Film Board of Canada impressively reflect the country’s cultural diversity. The Board’s experimental films are proof of its own innovative character. Marc Betrand, producer for the NFB since 1998, presents 5 films which experiment in different ways with stereoscopic and 3D animated film: "Falling in Love Again" is a playful, musical attempt to look at the cultural myths and clichés associated with love, "Private Eye" is an animated adaption of Gilles Tilbo‘s children’s book "Black eyes", "Drux Flux" is an animated film of fast-flowing images and "Tower Bawher" is a journey through Russian constructivist art. "Facing Champlain", is a ground-breaking stereoscopic 3D experiment about the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain and was produced by the NFB to celebrate the 400th. anniversary of the founding of Quebec.

Two further examples of animated stereoscopic short films will be shown before the NFB presentation:

  • Miss Daisy Cutter
    Laen Sanches, UK 2010, 5:40 min, Musik music: The Veils
  • Coyote Falls
    Matthew O’Callaghan, USA 2010, 3:00 min, producer: Warner Bros. Animation
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