Best of Animation

A classic and a highlight of the festival is the section Best of Animation which presents the most important and interesting animated films of the past ten years.

Curated by Duscha Kistler, Künstlerische Leiterin Fantoche, Internationales Festival für Animationsfilm, Baden/Schweiz

"Before I begin; I have taken the invitation from the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film very literally and have put together four “Best of Animation” programmes which accommodate only my own personal tastes and preferences. I jumped at the opportunity to compile a collection of the world’s best animated films, produced over the last ten years. Without using any systems or theories, I have chosen films that I particularly like, that have moved or inspired me in some way and which I would like to see again. Of course it was obvious that I would be spoiled for choice. [...]

In the end, I have chosen 31 films – 31 very different hallmarks and approaches – each one an independent artistic creation. And once again I am aware of the limitless variety available to animated film, the creative potential it harbours and with what commitment and determination its makers dedicate themselves to it. My thanks go to them, for it is always pure bliss to be able to immerse myself in their fantastic creations. I wish everyone great enjoyment and entertainment."

Duscha Kistler


Gloria 1, Wed, 04.05. / 7 PM

Best of Animation 1


1.1 MIRAMARE, Michaela Müller, Croatia, Switzerland 2010, 8:08 min

1.2 DEWOTSCHKA DURA FOOLISH GIRL, Zoija Kirejewa, Russia 2006, 6:50 min

1.3 I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, Don Hertzfeldt, USA 2008, 22:00 min

1.4 HEAVY POCKETS, Sarah Cox, Great Britain 2004, 5:58 min

1.5 LUCIA, Cristobal Leon, Joaquin Conciña, Niles Atallah, Chile 2007, 3:50 min

1.6 T.O.M., Tom Brown, Daniel Gray, Great Britain 2006, 2:57 min

1.7 CHESTNUTS ICELOLLY, J. J. Villard, USA 2004, 7:00 min 

1.8 LOGORAMA, Hervé de Crécy, François Alaux, Ludovic Houplain, France 2009, 16:00 min

Gloria 1, Thur, 05.05. / 7 PM

Best of Animation 2

2.1 SOUIU MEGANE (Well, that’s Glasses), Atsushi Wada, Japan 2010, 10:10 min

2.2 THE WIND ALONG THE COAST, Ivan Maximov, Russia 2007, 7:45 min

2.3 DIALOGOS, Ülo Pikkov, Estonia 2008, 5:00 min

2.4 MICRO LOUP, Richard McGuire, France 2003, 7:15 min

2.5 PANIQUE AU VILLAGE: LE GRAND SOMMEIL, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Belgium 2003, 5:00 min

2.6 PLEASE SAY SOMETHING, David OReilly, Germany 2008, 10:00 min

2.7 CHAINSAW, Dennis Tupicoff, Australia 2007, 25 min

Gloria 1, Fri, 06.05. / 7 PM

Best of Animation 3


3.1 RETOUCHES, Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland, Canada, 2008, 5:35 min

3.2 FRANZ KAFKA INAKA ISHA (FRANZ KAFKA’S A COUNTRY DOCTOR), Koji Yamamura, Japan 2007, 21:00 min

3.3 ZUDUSI SNIEGA (LOST IN SNOW), Vladimir Leschiov, Latvia 2007, 7:50 min

3.4 THE PEARCE SISTERS, Luis Cook, Great Britain 2007, 8:00 min

3.5 WARD 13, Peter Cornwell, Austria 2003, 14:30 min

3.6 GET REAL!, Evert de Beijer, Netherlands 2010, 11:27 min

3.7 RUSH, Claude Luyet, Xavier Robel, Switzerland 2004, 3:00 min

Gloria 1, Sa, 07.05. / 7 PM

Best of Animation 4


4.1 ONE D, Mike Grimshaw, Canada 2005, 4:38 min

4.2 SHADOW CUTS, Martin Arnold, Austria 2010, 4:30 min

4.3 LOVE & THEFT, Andreas Hykade, Germany 2010, 7:00 min

4.4 COPY SHOP, Virgil Widrich, Austria 2001, 12:00 min

4.5 LÖGNER, Jonas Odell, Sweden 2008,13:00 min

4.6 REISE NACH CHINA (Travel to China), Gil Alkabetz, Germany 2002, 2:42 min

4.7 JIGEN BAKUDAN (Dimension Bomb), Masaki Okuda, Japan 2008, 20:00 min

4.8 A KUCHAO (A Gum Boy), Masaki Okuda, Japan 2010, 3:50 min

4.9 STRAWBERRY SWING (COLDPLAY), Shynola, Great Britain 2009, 4:11 min

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