Metropol 3, Thur, 05.05. / 7 PM

Animation Expanded
Forget Cinema! New playback opportunities for animated short films

with Dr. Karin Wehn

Artistic animated films are rarely shown in cinema and on television. Even so, in recent years portals such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion have managed to post a large part of (animated) film history’s cultural legacy online, even if it is still low quality. However the digital age offers animated short film numerous playback opportunities, where not only the production, but also the projection – which until now was to a great extent standardised – becomes a creative act. In the tradition of the Expanded Cinema of the 1960’s and 1970’s animated pictures unfold their charm on the mini screens of, for example, mobile phones or portable games consoles. Larger projection screens can be found in clubs as installations, in virtual worlds, on theatre stages, on walls, floors, ceilings, the facades of buildings and transparent water surfaces. The reduced, almost mathematical, works of Swiss artist François Chalet, which nonetheless are bursting with vitality and humour, illustrate the diversity of the available possibilities.

Metropol 3, Sun, 05.05. / 5 PM

The wonderful world of Donald Duck

with Donald’s German voice - Peter Krause

He came, saw and quacked: Peter Krause ...and why Donald Duck has no trousers

Voice actor and duck expert, Peter Krause, will be regaling stories from Donald Duck‘s life, which has now lasted 80 years. However he will not just be talking in that well-known quacking voice. It is after all extremely tiring to talk like Donald. "After half an hour in the sound studio, I am absolutely bushed", he admits. It is particularly hard work to produce the duck’s characteristic choleric outbursts. "Besides the idea behind the character is that you don’t understand half of what he says", explains Krause, who has been quacking for Disney for over 20 years now. The highlights of the event are however numerous film excerpts, including the first Donald cartoon with which Krause traces Donald’s career.

Donald fans are particularly enthusiastic about the 1942 cartoon "Der Fuehrer's Face" with Donald in the leading role. This short film, intended as propaganda against the Third Reich, even won one of the coveted Oscars in 1943. Surprisingly, Donald’s German voice feels that Donald’s success over so many years lies in the duck’s human characteristics. Krause believes that "everyone identifies with Donald at sometime or other" – and his fans in the auditorium probably feel the same way. And the reason why Donald is always "bottomless" is quite banal: It is easier to draw him without trousers.

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