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Wed, 10.05. / 8 PM, Stadtbibliothek

Game Talk
with Reece Millidge

A post-mortem of the IGF (International Games Festival) nominated "Wonderputt" and pre-mortem of "Icycle 2" – Reece presents an insight into the design of each game with examples of work in progress at each creative stage. Revealing the mixed application processes in creating the deceptively simple aesthetics, transitions and illusions of Wonderputt. Including conceptual sketches, collages, models and player feedback essential to shaping the game. With the launch of Icycle 2 due for summer release 2012, Reece hopes to add depth and emotional engagement, expanding on the themes of loneliness, longing and futility in an ice cold apocalypse.


Registration is necessary as the number of participants is limited.


A co-operation with Stadtbibliothek and the Zurich University of the Arts 


Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz
Mailänder Platz 1
70173 Stuttgart
Telefon (0711) 216-911 00 oder -965 27

Thu, 10.05. / 3 PM, Metropol 3

"Fresh, cheeky and wild: independent games"

with Dr. Karin Wehn 

Just as there are numerous independent and short animated films in addition to the animation blockbusters from Disney/Pixar, there is also a similar development with regard to computer games. For many years now, mainstream computer games have been consuming production and marketing budgets similar to those of Hollywood films; their sales even surpass those of the film industry. However, here too, there is a development from below. So-called independent games or indie games for short, realised by individuals or small teams on a small budget are doing away with popular expectations and view resistance of any kind as a challenge. Instead of repeating the old story of promises of even better graphics, they are trying out new techniques, going against the grain of typical expectations of the genre and experimenting with cross-media distribution and alternative sales revenue models. If successful, these impulses have the potential to be taken up by mainstream computer games at a later date.

Thu, 10.05. / 5 PM, Metropol 3

Gametrailers & Cinematic Screening

Björn Bartholdy, Gamelab

The genre of Game Trailers and Cinematics, evolved into an artform of its own within the last decade. From live action to high end 3D, we see many forms of media production involved in the creation process of these stunning works. While the Trailers tease the audience and generate high attention for the anticipated title, the Cinematics are instruments of storytelling inside the games. We will show outstanding examples of Trailers and Cinematics that recently found our attention – don't miss the chance to watch them on a big screen!
Björn Bartholdy, Director, Cologne Game Lab,