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The Children's Jury of the Festival 2010 consists of childrenwho love movies. The children watch all the films of the "Tricks for Kids" competition and decide on their own which one will win the award in this category. The only precondition for the young jury members is to be enthusiastic about cinema.


Children’s Jury Tricks for Kids Short Films

  • Amalia Engel, 11 years
  • Luise Klann,  10 years
  • Paula Janser,  11 years
  • Ben Köhler 11, years
  • Nils Seeburger, 11 years
  • Noah-Yannik Schmid, 11 years

Children’s Jury Tricks for Kids Series

  • Sercan Özcan, 13 years
  • Melissa Özcan, 11 years
  • Gizem Barutcu, 11 years
  • Marvin Ganssloser, 12 years
  • Hüseyin Delice, 12 years
  • Sina Schöttner, 12 years
  • Ernest Wohak, 10 years
01. September 2014

Animated Spaces - Animation, architecture, and game art (Prof. Ulrich Wegenast)

Expanded Animation Symposium (Sept. 5, 2014) at Ars Electronica 2014 (Linz, Austria)

29. April 2014

ITFS 2014 - Trickstars for the best animated films have been awarded

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film ended with the big award...

25. April 2014

The Animated Com Award Ceremony held at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

April 25, 2014 in the Mercedes-Benz Museum