Phonak presents: Swiss Tricks

A small but very fine animation scene has been established in Switzerland. Very different animation filmmakers work independently and persistently at making films which are far-removed from run-of-the-mill productions. Since the late 1990s the scene has also received an important stimulus from two sources: the foundation of the animation department at the Lucerne School of Art and Design and the launch of the Festival of animated film Fantoche have both caused further activity within the scene. Today the Swiss animated film community has a small, but sustainable structure with an annual output of around 20 independent short films as well as innumerable clips, web-inspired ultra shorts and the whole CGI driven post-production and advertising industries.

Metropol 2, Thur, 05.05. / 3 pm

Swiss Animation

Scene Elefant Studios AG

Since the launch of the Zurich-based Elefant Studios in 2008, this firm for animation and visual effects has made a name for itself with numerous projects within the advertising and film industry. It has proved its talent with several visual contributions for commercials and film projects and is now working on its first short film. The company’s long list of clients includes big shots like the Swiss Post, Swisscom, Sunrise, Migros, the Schauspielhaus Zurich and Greenpeace. Everything is produced at the Zürich studios; from the first sketch to the final image. Thanks to this expertise, Elefant Studios are able to bring Swiss productions to a level which is certainly equal to international standards – which is at the same time the shared vision of all the founder members of the Elefant Studios.

Nadasdy Film

Nadasdy Film was founded in 2001 by Zoltán Horváth, director and producer, and Nicolas Burlet, producer and administrative director. Specialising in animation movies, this Swiss company, based in Geneva, produces tv series, short and long movies. Some of the projects were produced within the framework of coproduction with France, Belgium or Italy. Nadasdy Film works on creative and original projects in various styles such as traditional animation, CGI, stop-motion or rotoscopy. The produced short films were selected in the festivals of Venice, Cannes, Sundance and Clermont-Ferrand among others. After a first experience in production of series with the project “Yellow Jacket", Nadasdy Film is currently producing a series of 52x3’ episodes, “Wismo’s little Tales” aimed for a pre-school audience and has started developing for a long animation movie called “Ghosts War” as well.



The Swamp animation film studio was founded in 1991 by Jonas Raeber and Daniel Bühler, after their first joint production “Patt” (“Stalemate”) was successful both at home and abroad.The company has since produced a dozen internationally acclaimed short films of mostly a political/satirical nature, but its well-attuned team has also realised the films of external directors or production companies. From 2004 through 2007, the studio produced 25 episodes of a satirical digital cut-out animation series called “W.O.W” for Swiss television. In recent years, SWAMP has invested in international standard hard- and software, in the professional training of its staff and in further training in Switzerland and Europe. The company has a vast network of talents, studios and friends in the worldwide animation community.

Metropol 2 Thu, 05.05. / 9 pm (1990-2007)

presented by Christian Gasser


Journalist and author Christian Gasser, has examined the developments in the Swiss animated film community over the last 20 years and has written a book which is due to be published in September 2011. In the book pioneering animated filmmakers such as Claude Luyet, Claude Barras, the Guillaume brothers, Claudius Gentinetta, Zoltán Horváth or Jonas Räber also have their say. He will be presenting these in a moderated programme. The most recent Swiss productions are also part of another programme which also includes the work of filmmakers who learned their skills at film schools in London or Zagreb. Filmlist

Gloria 2 Fri, 06.05. / 5 PM

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Animation Departement (2D/3D)

The degree course in Animation is a combination of artistic and practice-orientated studies programme offering students the opportunity to develop their own film language and to acquire the necessary professional skills. There is an almost unlimited scope for design in animation films and we teach and train students by means of seminars, practical activities and film projects in the professional production processes needed. Besides the focus on film design and dramaturgy the students also learn professional production skills, such as 16/35 mm film technology, digital video cutting with FinalCutPro, 2D-computer animation with Animo, Aftereffects and Shake or 3D-computer animation with Maya and Cinema 4D. The third year offers the chance to specialise and to develop one’s own film language. Professional production processes are tried out within film projects; they include script and storyboard development as well as economic aspects of film production, film business management or finance planning. Elaborating on the course set during the BA study period, the "Master Animage" offers the opportunity to specialize and professionalize in various departments in animated film productions.

Metropol 2, Fr, 06.05. / 7 pm

In Persona Isabelle Favez

Isabelle Favez, one of Switzerland’s most talented animators, creates impressive short animated films with amusing stories, a portion of black humour and lovingly drawn figures. Born 1974 in Bern, she has been living in Zurich for 17 years and studied direction there at the Zurich University of the Arts. Favez will be presenting selected productions including her first attempts at direction – films like "Lebenshunger" from 1993 which she made before beginning her studies, her graduation film, her award-winning production "Tarte aux Pommes" (ITFS 2006) and her current project "Au coeur de l’hiver" ("At the Heart of Winter"). Details about the history of her films and technical presentations provide an interesting and exciting insight into her work.

Metropol 2 Fri, 06.05. / 9 PM

Swiss Animation today (2008-2011)

An overview of the current film-making in Switzerland. Filmlist

Metropol 2 Fri, 06.05. / 11 PM

Kultnacht: Heidi Reloaded

The Swiss animated film scene has fought repeatedly against the clichés which unavoidably crop up when this small country in the middle of Europe is mentioned: mountains, cheese, chocolate, the Swiss flag and the Red Cross - in a nutshell: Heidi. This character is the incarnation of the positive cliché associated with Switzerland. The Japanese animated series by Isao Takahata from the 1970s, which was extremely successful worldwide, is a lasting monument to Heidi. The Swiss animated film community has countered these clichés with satires that at times are quite caustic and which can be viewed in the programme “Heidi reloaded”. Filmlist

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