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Best of Animation

A classic and a highlight of the festival is the section Best of Animation which presents the most important and interesting animated films of the past ten years.

Curated by Heitor Cappuzzo


Wed, 09.05. / 7 PM, Gloria 1

Best of Animation 1

  • Empreintes (Imprints), Jacques Drouin, Canada
  • Moya Lyubov (My Love), Alexandre Petrov, Russia
  • Zbrodnia i kara (Crime and Punishment), Piotr Dumala, Poland
  • Angeli (Angeli), Lejf Marcussen, Canada
  • Ichthys (Ichthys), Marek Skrobecki, Poland

Thu, 10.05. / 7 PM, Gloria 1

Best of Animation 2

  • Elephant OK (Elephant OK), Srinivas Bhakta, Singapore
  • Harvie Krumpet (Harvie Krumpet), Adam Elliot, Australia
  • Shadow (Shadow), Wang Long, Cao Chen, Zhu Bin, China
  • Hoshi no Koe (Voices of a distant star), Makoto Shinkai, Japan
  • Wei Xiao Dey Yu (A Fish With a Smile), C. Jay Shih, Taiwan
  • Teddy (Teddy), Taku Furukawa, Japan

Fri, 11.05. / 7 PM, Gloria 1,

Best of Animation 3

  • Vida Maria (Vida Maria), Marcio Ramos, Brasilia
  • Bandeira (Bandeira), Antonio Fialho, Brasilia
  • Adamha (Human beings), Masallah Mohammadi, Iran
  • El Empleo (The Employment), Santiago Grasso, Argentinia
  • Madagascar, carnet de voyage (Madagascar, a journey diary), Bastien Dubois, France
  • Ryan (Ryan), Chris Landreth, Canada
  • Tanko Bole Chhe (The Stitches Speak), Nina Sabnani, India
  • A Conversation with Harris (A Conversation with Harris), Sheila Sofian, USA 

Sat, 12.05. / 7 PM, Gloria 1

Best of Animation 4

  • City Paradise (City Paradise), Gaelle Denis, UK
  • Germania Wurst (Germania Wurst), Volker Schlecht, Germany
  • Madame Tutli-Putli (Madame Tutli-Putli), Chris Lavis, Maciek Sczerbowski, Canada
  • Turnstunde (Gym Lesson), Hannes Rall, Germany
  • Soldat i Smert (Soldier and Death), Eduard Belyahev, Russia
  • Torchbearer (Torchbearer), Vaclav Svankmajer, CS