Michael Mendl, guest of honor (voice actor of the leading parts of Dutch-Michael and the Glassman)

Michael Mendl is not only one of the most experienced actors in Germany, but also without a doubt one of the most prominent. After his training at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Mendl, who was born in Luenen, was committed to stage roles, including engagements at the Staatstheater Darmstadt, the Staatstheater Stuttgart, at the Munich Kammerspiele, at the Schauspielhaus in Dusseldorf, West at the Volksbühne Berlin, at the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and at the Salzburg Festival.

Only at the age of 45 he was discovered for television. Charismatic Mendl's sensible portraits of crooks, husbands, lovers, tragic outlaws and historical personalities shape 200 TV dramas and movies. In 1995 he embodied Götz George's pal Korda in "The Pig - a German Career".

Dieter Wedel's highly acclaimed mini-series "The Shadow Man" (1996) was followed by starring roles in Martin Enlens "Andrea and Marie" (1998), Dominik Graf's "Bitter Innocence" (1999) in "Deutschlandspiel" by Hans-Christian Blumenberg (2000) and in Andreas Kleinert's film "Kelly Bastian" (2001). In 2002 Michael Mendl was directed by Oliver Storz as Willy Brandt for the ARD-TV movie  "In the Shadow of Power": In 2004 he was awarded the Golden Camera. In addition, Mendl was cast continuously in both German as well as in international cinema, such as in "14 Tage lebenslaenglich", for which he was awarded the Bavarian Film Award, in the Polish film "Weiser Davidek", in "Amen" by Costa Gavras, and in the Oscar nominated film "Downfall" produced by Bernd Eichinger (Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel).