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Thu, 10.5 + Fri 11.5., 9 PM, Gloria 2

Jewish Animation, aka "Tales of the Diaspora: Outpost Animation"

As a people, we left. Many times, from many places, on our own, with help, often forcibly. Suffice it to say, we've been on the move for a very long time. We have a book that we share with others, actually five books. But we've managed to interpret them in more ways than you can count. We ignore, consider or subscribe to a variety of laws, tenets, lists, theories, philosophies, interpretations, scholars, leaders, numerology, mysticism and superstitions! As individuals, groups, and communities we find our own comfort level in religious and secular cultural Judaism and we make the most of it, while making our way in this world of ours. We’ve extrapolated, interpreted and found many ways to share our history, condition, culture, and personal experiences. We question authority, challenge our audiences and make fun of ourselves. This curated selection of animated shorts aims to give the audience greater insight into the world of the 20th Century+ diaspora who continue to live in their outposts, sharing their experiences. Program Curator and Animation Producer/Publisher, Ron Diamond (Acme Filmworks/ descends from Jewish Polish grandparents and Hungarian great-grandparents. Diamond lives in Beverly Hills with his wife while his family lives in the Los Angeles area, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, Miami, Paris, and Jerusalem. He plans on remaining in LA, for the time being.


Among others the programme will feature the following films:

I Was a Child of the Holocaust Survivors, Ann Marie Fleming, Canada 2010, 15 min.

The Street ("La Rue"), Caroline Leaf, Canada 1976, 10:12 min.

Village of Idiots, Eugene Fedorenko, Rose Newlove, Canada 1999, 13 min.