We present to you our programme for professionals: We offer work-in-progress-, studio- and schoolpresentations, workshops for professionals and master classes. These events are partially accessible to visitors or need a registration but all are meant especially for professionals at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film. Please note our other events for professionals like the Animation Production Day, the FMX 2016 Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia and the Arab Animation Forum.

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A. Film (Kopenhagen)

Film Production, located in Copenhagen, is Scandinavia’s most experienced animation company. Since its inception in 1988, A. Film has made 14 own feature films, sub-contracted on 28 others, made more than 600 commercials, over 200 hours of television, and several shorts, as well as lots of other productions.

A.Film has produced a variety of well-known hand-drawn feature films such as “Help – I’m a Fish!” “Asterix and the Vikings” and “Pettson & Findus – The Tomte Machine.” Plus a slew of CGI features: “The Ugly Duckling and ME!,” “Terkel in Trouble,””Jungo goes Bananas,” “Journey to Saturn,” ”Niko and the Way to the Stars,” (a.k.a. “The Flight Before Christmas”), it’s follow-up “Niko 2.” Our recent releases “The Olsen Gang Gets Polished” and “The Olsen Gang in Deep Trouble”, ”Miffy the Movie” and “Albert.”

Right now A.Film is preoccupied on several feature productions: “The little vampire”, ”Luis and his friends from outer space” and “ The incredible story of the giant Pear.”

Presented by Karsten Kiilerich und Anders Mastrup

Wed, April 27, Metropol 2, 04:00 pm

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il Luster (Utrecht)

Founded in 1997, the Utrecht based il Luster has become the biggest producer of animated shorts in the Netherlands. In almost twenty years il Luster (co)produced over 50 independent shorts in all techniques imaginable. il Luster’s films traveled along film festivals worldwide, received many awards and are viewed online several thousand times each day.

il Luster gained it’s production experience in small productions, but dared to dream big as it expanded its ambitions, which led to international co-productions and animated features.

Although the Netherlands has a very experienced, creative and critically acclaimed animation field, it is only recently starting to grow towards a more industrial scale. il Luster’s ambition and vision for the future is to keep focussing on the projects, production knowledge, the animation talent and the network of professionals. This way il Luster will remain a flexible and a creative company.

presented by Chris Eimers-Mouw

Thu, April 28, Metropol 2, 02:00 pm


10 Years of Outstanding Stop Motion: LAIKA (PORTLAND)

In just ten years, LAIKA has become one of the most ambitious and fearless stop-motion studios in the world.  LAIKA’s head of marketing Mark Shapiro will talk about the remarkable creativity and collaboration at the studio, from the CG-classic Moongirl to the handmade features Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and the soon-to-be-released Kubo and the Two Strings, which will premiere in theaters this August. While intricate and elaborate, the creative process at LAIKA offers an unparalleled fusion of stop-frame with stunning visual effects. Prior to shooting on ones, in 24-frames-per second, LAIKA builds entire worlds piece by piece telling bold and enduring stories. This presentation will offer a glimpse into the Oregon (USA)-based studio and the people behind the breathtaking films.

Presented by: Mark Shapiro

Thu, April 28, Metropol 2, 04:00 pm


Psyop (Los Angeles)

Based on a collection of recent works from VFX Company Psyop, Jean-Dominique Fievet will be walking through the creative processes that went into weaving together components of vision and execution, bringing forth the top notch storytelling that leads viewers to connect with the art. From companies like Coca-Cola to Clash of Clans, Psyop covers a diverse area of commercial work that is anything but ordinary or expected.

presented by: Jean-Dominique Fievet

Fri, April 29, Metropol 2, 04:00 pm


Netflix / Cirque du Soleils „Luna Petunia”: from stage to screen

This informative presentation will give audience members a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the challenges and successes in developing, producing and writing for an animated series based on Cirque du Soleil’s hit stage shows. From production constraints to basing the series on an existing property to launching on the world’s leading streaming service, John Hardman (Saban) and Eric Shaw (Emmy-Winning writer) will take you on a journey into Luna’s “amazia”, where the impossible is possible!

presented by John Hardman & Eric Shaw

Sat, April 30, Metropol 2, 02:00 pm

studio_Soi_Trudes_tier 04

Studio Soi (Ludwigsburg)

Since its founding in 2003, Studio Soi has become well known for its charming, animated films and children’s television series. Currently, the studio is working on its first self-developed television series’ “Trudes Flatmate” (WDR) and “Rasmus Klump” (ZDF). The studio also works on “The Amazing World of Gumball” (Cartoon Network). At this year’s ITFS, the studio will screen the first episode of “Rasmus Klump”, a show in which the lead character is inspired by the strange habits of our quirky coworkers.

presented by Klaus Morschheuser, Michael Bohnenstingl, Torben Meier

Sun, May 1, Metropol 2, 02:00 pm

Workshop Discussion / Studio Tour: Seru Film Produktion GmbH

A foray through the areas of animated film and TV productions – this year, we will visit the animation studio SERU Film Produktion GmbH.
With the world film premiere of “Der Kleine Rabe Socke” at the ITFS, a great success story “Made in Baden-Württemberg”  started in 2012 for SERU Film Produktion GmbH – with the sequel “Der Kleine Rabe Socke – Das Große Rennen” and the series “Rabe Socke” currently being co-produced by SWR, NDR, and ARD.
From the 2D pre-production to design and animation to rendering and compositing, SERU covers all the steps of animated film production and was able to continually expand the area of commercial film. Projects for companies such as Kärcher, John Deere, or Dekra are therefore also a part of SERU’s daily agenda.

In addition to the “Rabe Socke” series, in 2017 SERU Film will release its first CGI adventure “Die Häschenschule” in theatres. In the workshop discussion, we will likely get a first look at the filming of this children’s book classic.

Meeting Point: Information Desk at the Gloria-Passage
Registration: During the festival at the information desk at the Gloria-Passage (30 Perticipants at max)

Sat, April 30, Information Desk – Gloria-Passage, 02:30 pm


Country Focus Denmark: Special Programme studios and series: Copenhagen Bombay and Minicosmos

Copenhagen Bombay

Copenhagen Bombay is a diverse and talent-oriented company working with a broad range of projects. No matter the platform, the intention with all of Copenhagen Bombay’s stories is to capture the audience by relevance and originality. Copenhagen Bombay gives special attention to new talents, original stories and unique designs, and this makes the company profile unique.

The vision of Copenhagen Bombay is to stimulate the inquisitive child to remain inquisitive, and to generate innovation and entrepreneurship.



MiniCosmos aims to provide children and their parents with quality entertainment when, where and how they want it. Their titles stimulates fantasy, curiosity and facilitates interaction between children and their grown-ups. The titles are inspired by research and and knowledge about children’s development and use of media.

Latest production is “IB the Dog” that was published as series, games, books, movies and puppet theatre. IB is a curious dog with a zest for life. Clever and confident as a kindergarten child – and just a brave. The series is directed by Rasmus Andreasen and Trine Laier.

Fri, April 29, Metropol 3, 03:00 pm


Rickard Stampe Söderström, 2016
Next Door Spy
Karla Bengtson 2015
Kiwi & Strit season 1
Esben Toft Jacobsen 2015
Little Tot season 1
(2010) & 2 (2015), Mette Skov
Get Santa
Jacob Ley 2015
Songs for Alexis
Elvira Lind 2014
The Secret of the Ice Flower
Jacob Ley 2011
The Will
Christan Sønderby 2011
Tigers and Tattoos
Karla Bengtson 2010
IB the Dog
Rasmus Andreasen and Trine Laier


Presentation: Cartoon Network meets Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

The Cooperation

Idents are an ideal challenge for animation students. A precise task, a manageable length, and a defined deadline provide clear conditions for the students to give free rein to their fantasies. Cartoon Network and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences – Art and Design have cooperated for six years, and the participants are as enthusiastic now as they were in the beginning. The newly created idents are a part of the programme, as are the award-winning BA and MA theses and current series highlights from Cartoon Network.

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences – Art and Design

In a programme unique in Switzerland, the Bachelor of Arts in Film/Animation offers an education in the theory and practice of all essential areas of animation film. The students’ freedom in their choice of technology and medium allows them to create their own visual language in addition to learning the necessary professional, technical, and manual skills of the trade. The Master of Arts in Design/Animation builds on this and optimizes later chances on the job market. For the implementation of the Master’s project, the goal is for students to join in a co-production project with external production companies.

Cartoon Network
Bei Cartoon Network ist immer was los! Abgedrehte Zeichentrickserien voll verrückter Charaktere wie die Powerpuff Girls und die drei Bären von „We Bare Bears“ sorgen für jede Menge Spaß und Action! Schaltet also ein und erlebt täglich neue Abenteuer mit preisgekrönten Serien aus den Cartoon Network Studios wie „Die fantastische Welt von Gumball“ oder „Adventure Time – Abenteuerzeit mit Finn und Jake“.

Creative Manager – Kids Networks: Gerhard Wolf

Sat, April 30, Gloria 2, 03:00 pm

Master Class: Creature Modelling

This workshop focuses on different aspects of character modelling within a professional production environment. Taking his own character creating techniques as an example, whether based on a given design or from scratch, Rafa Zabala explains the different ways that a model can be executed in Maya and especially in ZBrush, which is his personal strength.

He also addresses the importance of volumes, proportions, anatomy, expression and valance in a character and also the technical issues such as topology.

Wed, April 27, Metropol 2, 02:00 pm

Animation & Internet: Neue Kanäle und Möglichkeiten von Vertrieb und Verwertung

With so many streaming and Video on Demand platforms available on the internet it has never seemed easier to distribute independent animation productions. From Youtube channels to Vimeo, from Advertised VoD to Transactional VoD, the choice is almost unlimited. But simply making an animation available online does not mean that the audience will find and watch it. Which platforms for which projects, which revenue models for which formats, which audience at which platform – are just some of the aspects to consider before uploading the films online. Animator Benedikt Toniolo (Germany) presents an overview of online distribution possibilities for animated shorts and series and Andy Green (UK), CEO of the film distribution platform Distrify.com, explains how independent animation productions can reach their audience and generate revenues on the internet.

In cooperation with Creative Europe Desks Munich and Strasbourg

Presented by Kobi Shely, Managing Director (Distrify Media) & Benedict Toniolo, Animator

Wed, April 27, Metropol 3, 03:00 pm

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NTU FullL CCMYK - ADM_klein

Symposium “Narrative Structures and visual Storytelling”

The symposium negotiates the role and use of narrative structure and visual storytelling in literature, illustration, graphic storytelling and animation. International experts will address this fascinating theme in presentations. Topics include the relationship between color and visual storytelling, choices of graphic techniques in adaptations for comics and animation and the adaptation of literature for moving images in illustration, animation and comics. We will welcome internationally renowned experts from around the globe plus a highly distinguished keynote speaker.

The symposium is aiming to be highly interdisciplinary and international in nature, bringing together scholars, students, academics and artists from diverse fields of research and professional practice.

An academic symposium at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2016 in collaboration with the Society of Animation Studies, the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, the Institute of Media Studies at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, the AG Animation and the Literaturhaus Stuttgart.

Entry: 15,- Euro at box office / Free with accreditation oder festivalpass ITFS
Wed, April 27, Literaturhaus Stuttgart, 09:30 am – 05:30 pm


The Monsters of Dunderly



Work in Progress 2016

Das „Work in Progress“-Programm ermöglicht Produzenten und Regisseuren, ihre Animationsfilmprojekte einem internationalen Fachpublikum vorzustellen, und bietet Professionals aus der Animationsbranche die Gelegenheit, einen ersten Blick auf neue und interessante Produktionen zu werfen.

In jeweils 20 bis 25 Minuten werden die drei qualitativ hochwertigen Projekte “Canaan”, “Morten on the Ship of Fools” und “The Monsters of Dunderly” präsentiert, die sich in unterschiedlichen Phasen der Bearbeitung befinden – vom Status „in Concept“ bis „in Production“. Die Regisseure und Produzenten gehen in ihren Präsentationen nicht nur auf ihre Produktionen ein, sondern zeigen auch erstes Bildmaterial und Trailer ihrer Filmprojekte und stehen für Fragen zur Verfügung.

Sa, 30. April, Metropol 3, 15:00 Uhr

Hier finden Sie die Einreichungsunterlagen der vorgestellten Projekte für die Kontaktaufnahme mit den Filmemachern:


Moerten on the Ship of Fools

Áron Gauder (Budapest): Making of Coyote

Áron Gauder will give an insight to the making of his last two animated Coyote films. He will describe the whole process from the first idea to the final version of the film. He will talk about the different phases of experimenting,  about him being a control freak, the ideal studio-size, character design, the animators involved in the process, about technical solutions like 2D versus 3D and matte painting and last but not least about how to deal with voice actors.  And he is looking forward to a long and interesting Q&A at the end.

Entry: 25€ or with accreditation

Registration: Tel.: 0711-925 46 123 or kartenreservierung@festival-gmbh.de

Mi, 27. April, Metropol 3, 10:00 Uhr

Jan-Dirk Bouw: Animated Reality – The Challenges of the Animated Documentary

Documentaries and animated films are rarely combined, although there’s an increase of interest from producers and audiences. Jan-Dirk Bouw’s seminar offers participants the opportunity to become familiar with the possibilities to connect the genres. By illustrating two case studies he will reflect on the challenges of this hybrid form. After showing his animated documentary “I love Hooligans”, he will address artistic choices, production, workflow and talk about his latest project “Breaking Walls”.

Entry: 25€ or with accreditation
Registration: Tel.: 0711-925 46 123 or kartenreservierung@festival-gmbh.de

Do, 28. April, Metropol 3, 10:00 Uhr

Lars Christiansen & Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay Production: Learning in the Treehouse

„The Treehouse“, (das Baumhaus) ist der Name einer Lehr-App sowie von Materialien für Kindergartenkinder und Grundschüler. Das Ziel von „The Treehouse“ ist es, Neugier zu erwecken sowie Kreativität und Innovationsfähigkeit zu fördern. Bei den ersten beiden Workshops, die in vierjähriger Zusammenarbeit mit Pädagogen aus 80 Kindergärten entwickelt wurden, handelt es sich um einen Film-Workshop und einen Buch-Workshop. Diese pädagogischen Hilfsmittel versetzen Kinder, Pädagogen und Eltern in die Lage, ihre eigenen Stop-Motion Animationsfilme zu erstellen bzw. eigene Bücher zu gestalten und diese in einem sicheren Umfeld zu teilen.

Kosten pro Workshop: 25€ oder mit Akkreditierung

Anmeldung: Tel.: 0711-925 46 123 bzw. kartenreservierung@festival-gmbh.de

Fr, 29. April, Metropol 3, 10:00 Uhr

Tumblehead: Animation with a Social Impact

Throughout its five years of existence the animation studio Tumblehead has produced a high number of animated films for learning purposes for elementary schools. Between 2013 and 2015 the studio’s founders Magnus Møller and Peter Smith produced seven films for a Danish NGO called ‘Psykiatfonden’. The films raised the topic of children being brought up in families that suffer from severe mental issues, drinking and abuse.

Using their skills and craftsmanship to make a social impact was a remarkable experience for Magnus Møller and Peter Smith, that they would like to share.

Entry: 25€ or with accreditation

Please bring paper, two or three text markers and a ballpen.

registration: Tel.: 0711-925 46 123 or kartenreservierung@festival-gmbh.de

Sat, April 30, Metropol 3, 10:00 am

Raúl García: Animating Edgar Allen Poe

From the page to the screen: An in-depth look into “Edgar Allan Poe’s Extraordinary Tales”, an adaptation of his most famous short stories to the animation medium. A behind-the-scenes look at “The Masque of the Red Death” and the technique and methods used in the making of the film. From historical research to the artistic influences, a look at the creative process and the thought behind the film. The challenges of non-photorealistic rendering, and the adaptation of Egon Schiele’s style to animation.

Entry: 25€ or accreditation

registration: Tel.: 0711-925 46 123 or kartenreservierung@festival-gmbh.de

Sun, May 1, Metropol 3, 10:00 am


School-Studio “SHAR” Moscow

School-Studio “SHAR” is the leading animation school in Russia and was founded in 1993 by legendary masters of Russian animation Fedor Khitruk, Eduard Nazarov, Yuriy Norshtein, Andrey Khrzhanovsky.

The principal directions of the School-Studio’s activities are: training of directors of animation cinema and animators, and production of animated films (about 8 films per year).

The training at our animation school takes 2 years and teaches directing, dramaturgy, editing, animation, acting, actors directing, mime, drawing, caricature, anthology of world animation and animation technology. We teach different techniques of handmade animation like classical hand-drawn animation, cut-outs, clay, paint on glass, sand animation, stop motion and computer animation too.

The teaching staff is represented by leading directors and animators of Russia.

Since it’s beginning, School-Studio “SHAR” has trained a whole galaxy of animated film directors who attained international critical acclaim and produced more than 80 films.

The studio focuses on the production of auteur and debut cinema, children’s films and series projects.

The films produced by School-Studio “SHAR” have often been nominated for and received prestigious international awards. At the 13th World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb, School-Studio was awarded a special prize for the best choice of student films submitted for pre-selection, and in 2006 at the International Animated Film Festival “KROK” received the prize for the best film school program (“Mysterious Lantern-3”). In 2013 received a special prize “for the preservation of the school and the best traditions of domestic animation in recent Russian history” at the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film in Suzdal.

Since 2015, School-Studio “SHAR” works together with European production companies in the framework of international co-productions and cultural exchange programs.

presented by Liubov Gaydukova and Lilia Schneider

Thu, April 28, Metropol 3, 03:00 pm


Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

Happy End. A Journey.

In their 3rd and 4th semesters, students at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design are to learn how to handle dramaturgy, rhythmics and composition in movement by developing a narrative animated film. Always given a specific topic as their starting point, the students then work out their own plots.

For the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, exemplary films from two project years were selected, created based on the themes “Happy End” (14 short films, 2015) and “A Journey” (10 short films, 2014).

Projektbetreuung Project Coordination: Prof. Gerwin Schmidt, Joachim Löhmann (Werkstattleiter Audiovision und Video Workshop Supervisor Audio/Video), Peter Jacobi (Trickfilm Animation), Martin Härtlein (After Effects), Ralf Bohde (Flash Animation).

presented by Petra Olschowski and Prof. Gerwin Schmidt

Thu, April 28, Metropol 3, 05:00 pm


The Animation Workshop

The Animation Workshop is a 26 year-old animation film school located in Viborg, Denmark. A part of VIA University College’s School of Creative Industries, it is Scandinavia’s leading animation institution, with activities in the areas of education, culture, communication and business. To this effect it benefits from a strong international network of artists, professionals, companies, funding institutions and partner schools.

Currently The Animation Workshop is composed of 7 distinct and vibrantly interconnected departments: the Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation and CG Art, the brand new Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Storytelling, Professional Training (incl. Animation Sans Frontières, 3D Character Animation&VFX course, AniDox lab), the Open Workshop (Artist in Residence program), the Drawing Academy, the Animated Learning Lab, the Animation Hub and the Arsenalet (cluster of creative companies).

All bachelor and professional training programs are created and taught with and by guest professionals, who guide and ready the students/participants for the demanding albeit rewarding work life in the advertising, TV, film, comics or games industries.

presented by Anja Perl and Tim Leborgne

Fri, April 29, Metropol 3, 05:00 pm


Animation Film Director, National Film School of Denmark

The Animation Film Directors education at The National Film School of Denmark focuses on training directors for animated movies, computer games and interactive storytelling.

The curriculum is based on a mix of highly qualified and distinct hands-on based film and game classes and productions focusing on the competences required for filling the position of director in the professional field. The student will get an extensive knowledge of film language, game terminology, story world building, creative management, voice directing, idea development, script writing and dramaturgy, storyboarding and digital production terminology. A large part of the education evolves around productions, where the student will direct multi disciplinary teams making computer games and animated movies.

The National Film School of Denmark is an artistic education placed under The Ministry of Culture and is the highest level of education within the field of film, television and computer games in Denmark

Präsentiert von Christian Ballund

Fri, April 29, Metropol 3, 07:00 pm


Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart

Die staatliche Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (HdM) bildet Medienspezialisten und –generalisten aus: unter anderen in den Bereichen Film- und Video, Computeranimation und Visual Effects/Postproduction sowie Medieninformatik, Interaktive Medien, Ton und Event-Medien. Über 20 akkreditierte Bachelor- und Master-Studiengängen stehen für diese Inhalte. Zurzeit sind rund 4500 Studierende an der HdM eingeschrieben. Sie werden von etwa 140 Professoren und 230 Technischen Angestellten, Assistenten und zahlreichen Lehrbeauftragten ausgebildet. Neben der ausgewiesenen Expertise der Lehrenden in den Bereichen Medientechnik, Mediengestaltung, Medienwirtschaft und Medienkonzeption stellt vor allem die technische Ausstattung ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal dar. Sie ermöglicht ein praxisnahes Studium. Studierende nutzen im Computeranimations-Bereich neben professionellen Arbeitsplätzen unter anderem ein Motion-Capture und Motion-Control-System, ein 3D-Digitalisierungsstudio und ein HD-Fernsehstudio.

In der Hochschulpräsentation werden ausgewählte Studioproduktionen und Abschlussarbeiten aus den letzten Semestern präsentiert. Wir sehen Produktionen aus den Bereichen Computeranimation, VFX-Special Effects und Film. Professoren und Assistenten der Hochschule der Medien freuen sich auf eine interessante Diskussion im Anschluss an die Filmpräsentation.

Präsentiert von Bernhard Eberhardt

Sa, 30. April, Gloria 2, 17:00 Uhr


Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts Kraków

Established in 1957, Animated Film Studio has initiated education in this field on art colleges in Poland. The studio is a place where young artist, painters, printmakers or sculptors can work on animation filmmaking and enrich their experience, according to their interests and focussed on artistic personality. The Studio evolved into today’s unit, Animation Film Faculty, which provides the possibility to graduate with a master`s degree. Animated film is annually being studied in the workshop by many students, including foreign scholarship students, treating this art discipline as their specialization or complementary subject to their studies. The academy is proud of their student’s and graduates’ achievements, young artists who have already achieved successes at domestic and foreign festivals and gained admiration for their creative work.

presented by Robert Sowa

Sat, April 30, Metropol 3, 05:00 pm


Filmakademie at ITFS 2016

In its 25th year of existence, the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg still teaches and produces according to the principle “learning by doing”. The students learn how to develop project ideas and make films by using many different formats: They write scripts; build sets; run the camera; direct; create animated films, motion graphics, and visual effects; move through virtual worlds, games, and installations; compose soundtracks; or work on sound design, editing, and mounting. Each year they create around 250 projects from all genres that are shown worldwide at various film festivals.

We invite you to experience the newest animation projects from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg on the big screeen, to come see the GameZone with us, and to get to know the filmmakers and staff.

Whether it’s animated films, interactive applications, design of titles and moving pictures, visual effects, or powerful film experiences: At the Filmakademie the entire spectrum of animated film is represented.

further information: www.filmakademie.de / www.animationsinstitut.de

cinematic experience 1 & 2

Cinematic Experience is a subject at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg that is open to all students during their basic studies – as a requirement in the first year and as an elective in the second. Experimenting is not only allowed here, it’s expressly encouraged. Without the typical guidelines and limits of the market, the cinematic experience course conveys the approaches and methods of contemporary media. The students develop short films in unusual and unique narratives while taking into consideration many formal – often underrepresented – approaches. They apply both animation-technical real scenes and experimental types of games in mixed forms. Under these conditions, every year a series of filmatic jewels are created that impress by virtue of their individual expressive forms.

presented by Prof. Jochen Kuhn & Nils Knoblich

Motion Design

The graduate programme project concentration MOTION DESIGN qualifies designers, art directors, and promotion producers for management positions in media and creative companies. The audio-visual design of motion graphics and typography, logos, and openers as well as promotional trailers, music videos, and information design is a key element of media productions. At the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, in addition to realizing their own freely-designed productions, motion designers have the possibility to work closely with authors, directors, producers, animators, set designers, sound designers, and composers – from the planning phase to the final product. Each year, the Filmakademie awards diplomas to MEDIA and MOTION DESIGNERS who successfully make their way in professional careers.

presented by Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling, Jürgen Klozenbücher

Sun, May 1, Gloria 2, 02:00 pm


Presentation of Festival Trailers & Installations

For more than 20 years, students from the Institute of Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg have been producing the trailers for ITFS. This year, for the 1st time, they also created installations that can be experienced at the GameZone. In only four months, the students have realized these animated shorts and installations in the most diverse styles and techniques as their third-year projects. Many thanks to the participating students, the Dramatic Supervisors Johannes Weiland and Julian Jungel, the Production Supervisor Christian Mueller and the Institute Director Prof. Andreas Hykade and his whole team. More information about the installations are available in the GameZone section of the catalogue.

Presented by Johannes Weiland, Julian Jungel & Christian Müller

Sun, May 1, Gloria 2, 02:00 pm


Institut für Animation, Visual Effects und digitale Postproduktion

Studies at the Institute of Animation take 4.5 years and conclude with the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg’s diploma. After two years of basic studies that are the same for all programmes, 2.5 years of project studies follow in the concentration Animation or Interactive Media.

During their studies, students go through the complete process of team-oriented production of animated formats – from short films to games to VFX sequences for real film productions. They have access to state-of-the-art hardware and software systems for their work. The programmes are oriented on the practice and are strongly project-based, whereby the interdisciplinary exchange among all students at the Filmakademie is encouraged from the outset. The Institute has strong international networks, and internationally renowned visiting instructors teach courses. There is also very active communication with the leading national and international film universities.

Graduates of the Institute of Animation work in international media companies and well-known studios. Others start their own companies, often on the basis of concepts they developed during their studies. A multitude of awards at festivals and excellent career chances for our graduates speak to the merits of this concept.



Study focus Interactive Media presented by Prof. Inga von Staden & Marc Lutz

study focus Animation (VFX) presented by Juri Stanossek & Christian Müller (VFX)

Sun, May 1, Gloria 2, 04:00 pm