Raul Garcia / USA / 01/2015 / 01:13:00 min.

A feature film anthology composed of five stories of Edgar Allan Poe, each crafted in a graphic design style uniquely suited to the individual segments and inspired by visual artists and illustrators, whose style best expresses the psychological depth and complexity of Poe’s dark universe.

108 Rois-Démons (108 Demon Kings)

Pascal Morelli / Frankreich / 06/2014 / 01:44:00 min. Empire of China. 12th century.The King Demons terrorize the land. To defeat these monsters, one needs the courage of a hundred tigers, the strength of a thousand buffalo, the cunning of as many snakes… and the luck of the devil. All young Prince Duan has are…

Phantom Boy (Phantom Boy)

Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol / Frankreich / 06/2015 / 01:20:00 min. Leo, an 11-year old boy from New York, is a phantom boy: he can become invisible and fly through walls. He befriends Alex, a police officer temporarily stuck in a wheelchair. Alex was hurt by a mysterious gangster threatening the city with a dangerous…


Jan Bultheel / Belgien / 09/2015 / 01:26:00 min.

1914. While Jean Mordant is away conquering the World Wrestling Championship, his daughter is raped by German occupiers in Belgium. To avenge her, he enrolls in the first prestigious armored car division, and embarks on a dramatic odyssey which will reshape his world forever.

Over the Garden Wall (Over the Garden Wall)

Patrick McHale / USA / 08/2014 / 01:50:41 min. Two young brothers find themselves lost in a strange forest. Older brother Wirt, armed with too much sense, and little brother Greg, armed with not enough, must rely on a long parade of helpful (and not so helpful) strangers as they make the long journey in…