Rigoletto – Open Air Live Übertragung aus der Oper Stuttgart

von Giuseppe Verdi In italienischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln, ca. 2h 45min  inkl. einer Pause Regie und Dramaturgie: Jossi Wieler, Sergio Morabito Musikalische Leitung:  Giuliano Carella Bühne: Bert Neumann Kostüme: Nina von Mechow Licht: Lothar Baumgarte Chor: Johannes Knecht Besetzung: Atlalla Ayan, Francesco Landolfi, Mirella Bunoaica,  Roland Bracht,  Eric Ander,  Josy Santos, Ronan Collett,  Ian José Ramirez, Liang…



Raul Garcia / USA / 01/2015 / 01:13:00 min.

A feature film anthology composed of five stories of Edgar Allan Poe, each crafted in a graphic design style uniquely suited to the individual segments and inspired by visual artists and illustrators, whose style best expresses the psychological depth and complexity of Poe’s dark universe.

Anomalisa (Anomalisa)

Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman / USA / 2015 / min. Michael Stone flies to Cincinatti, were he is booked to give a motivational speech at a conference. The evening at the hotel feels lonesome and so he contacts his old flame Bella he has’nt seen in years. Their date at the hotel bar is a…