Best of ITFS 2016 – Tour programme

The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film on tour!

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Since 2006, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film has been organizing a yearly tour programme with a selection of some of the best animated films from the previous Festival. The programme is presented worldwide and comprises: Best of International Competition, the BW reel with the best animations made in the German region of Baden-Württemberg and Best of Tricks for Kids.


Best of International Competition 2016


… is a collection of some of the best animated shorts from the International Competition of the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2016. The selected films are thoughtful, critical and touching, hilarious, witty and humorous. Every single film reflects the enormous variety of topics, techniques and forms of expression as well as the extraordinary and imaginative creativity that makes the world of animated film so rich and exciting.


BW-Reel – Best of Animation from Baden-Württemberg 2016


What’s going on in Baden-Württemberg, Germany? A queen bee gives an audience, Max Mustermann has a thoughtful, slow Sunday, a rhino asks for a dance, a wrestler doesn’t want to wrestle anymore, and even happiness seems to have a hole in Germany’s south-west area. You can learn all of that and even more in the entertaining animation programme of the BW-Reel.

 Download the Best of BW-Reel tour flyer (PDF) here

Best of Tricks for Kids – The children’s film festival of ITFS on tour


Tricks for Kids is the children’s film festival of ITFS. It not only shows extraordinary animated short and feature films as well as series from all over the world but also invites the kids to join attractive workshops in the Mercedes Benz Museum and to play exciting games in the GameZone on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz. Best of Tricks for Kids presents a selection of the most beautiful animated shorts for children which have been screened at ITFS16.


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