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The Tricks for Kids Series Competition consists of 2 age-based programmes of selected episodes of the most beautiful, international animated series for children of all ages. Children and their families can look forward to a journey across different continents, full of surprises and discoveries. The attending filmmakers will be glad to tell the audiences about the creation of their stories. For episodes in foreign languages, German voice-over will be provided live in the cinema.<\/p>\n

Tadaaa! – Wackelpeter (Dusty & Mop – Jello)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Sandra Schie\u00dfl \/ Deutschland \/ 10\/2015 \/ 00:03:27 min. \/ Produktion Production: TRIKK17 – Animationsraum GmbH & Co. KG<\/i><\/p>\n


The small beings Dusty and Mop emerge in different human spaces and explore them. They experiment with any given object and always create beautiful chaos. Mop feels magically attracted by electrical switches and simply hast to push them…. This time he brings the coffee machine to a bubbely boil: what a great apparatus! He wonders what would happen, if he added these bags of green powder\u2026<\/p>\n


La Cabane \u00e0 Histoires (The Treehouse Stories)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: C\u00e9lia Rivi\u00e8re \/ Frankreich \/ 07\/2016 \/ 00:07:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: Dandeloo<\/i><\/p>\n


Join the 4 friends in their wonderful “real” treehouse. Up there they play, talk, feel, argue, think and play again. Lisette, the big sister will naturally pull out a great illustrated book which mirrors children’s emotions. When she opens the book the characters come to life…<\/p>\n


Petzi – Endstation W\u00fcste (Klump – Shortline)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Carsten Bunte, Johannes Weiland \/ Deutschland \/ 09\/2016 \/ 00:12:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: Studio Soi GmbH & Co. KG Filmproduktion<\/i><\/p>\n


An overprotective mother croc keeps her daughter close when Klump and his adventuring friends urge her to travel the world.<\/p>\n


How Shammies Built A House (How Shammies Built A House)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Edmunds Jansons \/ Lettland \/ 2015 \/ 00:05:39 min. \/ Produktion Production: Atom Art<\/i><\/p>\n


Shammies long to have a pet. They know they would need to take care of it and everyone is ready to build a house for it. When the houses are ready it turns out \u2013 everyone has meant a different pet. Sockie meant a little mice, Hankie a little bird, Mitten a little doggie and Pillow a little fish. If they can\u2019t agree, it will not work out…<\/p>\n


Simon – Le Secret (Simon -The Secret)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Julien Cayot \/ Frankreich \/ 2016 \/ 00:05:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: GO-N Productions<\/i><\/p>\n


Simon is an adorable little rabbit who exudes all the vitality of childhood. He\u2019s at an age when little rabbits (and indeed little children!) are starting to come into their own – challenging relationships with parents, embarking upon school life, learning about the world in general, dealing with authority and of course, language.<\/p>\n


Tina & Tony \u201eA Princess\u201c (Tina & Tony \u201eA Princess\u201c)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Andrew Bahurin, Djangir Suleymanov \/ Russland \/ 08\/2016 \/ 00:05:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: Animation Studio Petersburg<\/i><\/p>\n


Every girl wants to be a princess. Tina tries her best to become a true princess too but does not succeed. How everything goes? You can find it out from this episode!<\/p>\n


BASIA I UPA\u0141 W ZOO (BASIA AND A HOT DAY IN THE ZOO)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Marcin Wasilewski \/ Polen \/ 2015 \/ 00:10:32 min. \/ Produktion Production: Grupa Smacznego<\/i><\/p>\n


Basia is five years old and lives in the city with her family, her tortoise Kajetan and her trustee friend Teddy the Teddy Bear. Like every five-year old, Basia sometimes stumbles on seemingly big problems which she has to deal with. She is not necessarily as good as an angel, but it is still hard not to love her.<\/p>\n


Trudes Tier – Das Sch\u00f6ne und die Biest (Trude’s Flatmate – The Beauty and its Beast)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Klaus Morschheuser \/ Deutschland \/ 08\/2016 \/ 00:06:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: Studio Soi \/ Verleih Distribution: \/ Weltvertrieb World Sales: Westdeutscher RundfunkWDR PG Fernsehfilm<\/i><\/p>\n


When Trude receives a call from her friend Inge, she immediately thinks about Tier: Inge is still looking for actors for the play “The Beauty and the Beast”. Tier wants to know more about it, so Trude reads the story to him. Tier is immediately bowled over by and wants to go at all costs to the audition. Trude accompanies him and is pretty surprised at what she expects there.<\/p>\n

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The Tricks for Kids Series Competition consists of 2 age-based programmes of selected episodes of the most beautiful, international animated series for children of all ages. Children and their families can look forward to a journey across different continents, full of surprises and discoveries. The attending filmmakers will be glad to tell the audiences about the creation of their stories. For episodes in foreign languages, German voice-over will be provided live in the cinema.<\/p>\n

Bill & Tony – Episode 103 – Pizza (Bill & Tony – Episode 103 – Pizza)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Nick Donkin \/ Australien \/ 04\/2016 \/ 00:02:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: Flying Gherkin \/ Weltvertrieb World Sales: Turner International Asia Pacific Ltd.<\/i><\/p>\n


Actions speak louder than words in the entirely non-verbal comedy adventure series \u201eBill & Tony\u201c. They are brothers from another mother with hearts of gold, but are dumber than a bag of hammers. In this episode the two friends work in a pizza delivery service. After Bill does not return from a delivery and Tony has to pick him up at the police station, the chaos is complete: the pizzeria is burning!<\/p>\n



Regie Director: MAURIZIO FORESTIERI \/ Italien \/ 2016 \/ 00:26:30 min. \/ Produktion Production: Rai Fiction \/ Verleih Distribution: \/ Weltvertrieb World Sales: Rai Fiction<\/i><\/p>\n


A peculiar group of animals wanders around Italy in the winter of 1944: Boldsteed, a strong Sicilian horse with a generous heart; Jack, an American military dog; Aurelia, a Roman cat with a talent for getting out of sticky situations; and Christopher, the long-winded rooster from Tuscany.The group finds a small boy under the rubble after an air raid. Because of the shock he no longer speaks and repeats the same two words.<\/p>\n


The Sketchy Show – Elf the Magician (The Sketchy Show – Elf the Magician)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Daley Pearson \/ Australien \/ 10\/2015 \/ 00:00:20 min. \/ Produktion Production: Ludo Studio \/ Weltvertrieb World Sales: Turner International Asia Pacific Ltd.<\/i><\/p>\n


The Sketchy Show is an animated comedy series that takes real kid\u2019s drawings and turns them into hilarious animated shorts featuring a cast of colored-in characters surrounded by insanity.<\/p>\n


ToonMarty – Marty’s Zit (ToonMarty – Marty’s Zit)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Sean Scott \/ Kanada \/ 04\/2016 \/ 00:11:10 min. \/ Weltvertrieb World Sales: GoldBee<\/i><\/p>\n


Marty is the most exciting thing in ToonVille! Or is that \u201cexcited\u201d? With every bend, bounce, flip, and spin, Marty makes sure everyone feels included in his Marty party \u2013 and he makes sure there is one every day!<\/p>\n


Puerto Papel (Paper Port)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Alvaro Ceppi,Hugo Covarrubias \/ Kolumbien \/ 12\/2015 \/ 00:11:25 min. \/ Produktion Production: Zumbastico Studios \/ Verleih Distribution: \/ Weltvertrieb World Sales: Zumbastico Studios<\/i><\/p>\n


Matilda is a very peculiar girl: Each day she wakes up with a new, weird and absurd power she can’t choose or control. She and Charlie, her best friend are confident, that they will experience great adventures and get into crazy problems in Paper Port, a coastal town where nothing happens… Until now!<\/p>\n


The Deep (ep: Bad Luck Fish) (The Deep (ep: Bad Luck Fish))<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Trent Carlson \/ Kanada \/ 01\/2016 \/ 00:22:00 min. \/ Produktion Production: Technicolor<\/i><\/p>\n


\u201eThe Deep\u201c follows the adventures of the Nekton family \u2014 a brilliant team of underwater explorers. With state-of-the-art technology and an unquenchable thirst for discovery, the Nektons explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, where most of our world lies unexplored and unexplained.<\/p>\n


We Bare Bears: Burrito (We Bare Bears: Burrito)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Regie Director: Daniel Chong, Manny Hernandez \/ USA \/ 06\/2015 \/ 00:11:37 min. \/ Produktion Production: Cartoon Network \/ Verleih Distribution: <\/i><\/p>\n


Grizz likes Burritos. A lot. So much that after a restaurant makes a Bear-Sized Burrito, Grizz can\u2019t bring himself to eat such a masterpiece of art. He carries the burrito everywhere, making it a new and increasingly smelly part of his life.<\/p>\n

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