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April 22, 8 PM

Gloria 1

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Fri,11.5. / 11 PM, Cinema

AniMovie Out of Competition


Craig Frank Dänemark, Denmark 2011, 80 min.


The year is 2019. In a world where money is everything and debt can get you the death sentence, the Jensen brothers, Bjarne and Jimmy, are feeling the squeeze. When they accidentally nab a wanted jewellery thief, they see a chance to start over as bounty hunters. Their first challenge is nailing the fearsome financial huckster Milo, but their quest for a windfall bounty quickly turns out to be anything but foolproof.

Sat,12.5. / 11 PM, Gloria 2

AniMovie Out of Competition


Wojtek Wawszczyk, Tomek Lesniak, Jakub Tarkowski,  Poland 2011, 80 min.


George the Hedgehog, an inveterate womanizer, big fan of skateboard and couple of pints after hours becomes a key point in the master plan of a genetic manipulations freak. The crazy scientist hires two skinheads, Zenek and Stefan. Their job is to get hold of George's genes in order to create the Hedgehog's clone. Some secret laboratory work and the clone is born and quickly becomes a multi-media idol, severely complicating George's life

21. February 2014

Animation Co-Production Forum 2014 (April 25-27) with focus on the Arab League

Projects can be submitted until March 19!

20. January 2014

Animated Com Award

Extended deadline: February 14, 2014

15. January 2014

Animation Production Day 2014

Looking for submissions of animation projects

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Plot-O-Mat Round 2