FESTIVAL GARDEN at the Schlossplatz

Enjoy the atmosphere of the festival and the open air cinema:


The open air cinema, free of charge, will take place in the Festival Garden at the Schlossplatz - the perfect opportunity for all those interested to catch a glimpse of the world of animated film and to celebrate in a great party atmosphere. At 2 PM the family programme will show animated short films which will make you laugh and amaze you. Moreover, you can participate in numerous activities around animation in the tents. Bee Maja, Shaun the Sheep and TOM offer lots of games for kids. In the Gamezone youths can immerse in the world of the newest, fascinating animated games. At 8 PM you can watch current animated blockbusters and iconic films from all over the world on a huge LED cinema screen.


The choice of the Festival Garden is topped off with a large selection of meals and drinks of our gastronomical partner.


29. April 2014

ITFS 2014 - Trickstars for the best animated films have been awarded

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film ended with the big award...

25. April 2014

The Animated Com Award Ceremony held at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

April 25, 2014 in the Mercedes-Benz Museum

21. February 2014

Animation Co-Production Forum 2014 (April 25-27) with focus on the Arab League

Projects can be submitted until March 19!

ITFS Trailer 2014

Main Trailer

Plot-O-Mat Round 2