SAT, 26.4. // 4 PM // GLORIA 2

Game Zone presents: “Playful Art – playable intersection of art, film, and animation”

Matt Adams (Blast Theory, Brighton/Great Britain) will speak about pervasive gaming and what happens when games leave the computer. In 1991, Adams co-founded the groundbreaking artistic group Blast Theory, famous for the multidisciplinary use of new technologies in theaters, games, and visual art.

Maria Grau-Stenzel (Honig Studios, Berlin) will present the kick-start project “Milli,” a combination of animation film and interactive game for preschool children.

Dr. Stephan Schwingeler
(Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe) gives insights into the curatorial practice at ZKM_Gameplay, the world’s first permanent games exhibition in a museum.

Net artist and professor Olia Lialina (Merz Academy, Stuttgart) will speak about the beauty of ones and zeroes and about the search for the right symbols in the new media.

Dr. Karin When
(Media expert and curator, Berlin) will examine in her lecture “Games & Animation – a playful and creative experience” the creative liaison between animation and computer games. (tbc)

Prof. Frank Geßner (Film and Television University, Potsdam-Babelsberg) will present the cinematographic installation “Expanded Animation Cinema” ALIAS YEDERBECK.