Night of the Bear

Fred Guillaume, Sam Guillaume, Switzerland 2012


A night at the Bear's where animals talk about their lives.






Big Hands Oh Big Hands, Let It Be Bigger and Bigger

Lei Lei, China 2012


The story takes place in the city of “Big hands”, where people’s hands are very very very very big. Let’s sing the song: Big hands oh big hands, let it be bigger and bigger.



We Either Meet in This World...

Daniel Höpfner, Germany 2012


After Mr. L had to leave his old home in Wolkenberg (Kl?šnik) because of resettlement, he finds himself in a small room filled with his furniture. This room is located in a building in the middle of a gigantic industrial site. Drifts of smoke obscure the sky. Instead of checking that all of his furniture is there, complete, L starts to explore his new accommodation and its close environs step by step. This exploratory walk extends into a journey through a dying, waning world.



Billy Roisz, Austria 2012


Connected with the frequencies of the soundtrack "Eisenwalzer" by the metal rockband 'Broken.Heart.Collector' the occasional choreographies of horizontal and vertical lines step by step transform into glimmering frames in the aesthetics of the image interference. What is starting with black, white and yellow will soon be extended by red, green and blue to sink into the darkness in the end.


Fallin' Floyd

Albert 't Hooft, Paco Vink, Netherlands 2012


A humouristic turbo drama. Floyd, a talented street musican suffers from psychological problems manifested as a little demon who disrupts his everyday life, after being dumped by his girlfriend. Floyd has to go through great depths before he can continue his life and can love his music again.


Isle of the Dead

Vuk Jevremovic, Germany 2012


What if a silent movie fan, Franz Kafka, offered F.W Murnau to make a film about his short story In the Penal Colony? One soldier is about to be executed because of his disobedience. The execution will be theoretically carried out by an ancient  machine which engraves one sentence (the committed crime) on a man’s skin. But the government has decided that this type of punishment is inhuman, and it should be immediately forbidden.Also inspired by some original drawings of Kafka.


It's Raining

Anna Shepilova, Russia 2012


A carefree day turns out a tragedy for a little boy. Film about the fragility and relativity of happiness.





James Stewart, Nev Bezaire, Canada 2012


3D premiere

Emily has been Foxed! in this 3D stop-motion tale of fighting for what you believe in. Filmed in stunning 3D, Director James Stewart crafts a cautionary tale about child labor, growing up in an environment of parental control, and how children are often misportrayed in the eyes of their parents.  Be astonished by what lurks in plain sight. The sinister 3D stop-motion world of Foxed! reveals young Emily toiling in mines beneath her house, imprisoned by foxes who have duped her entire town into believing children can be replaced. Teeming with shadow and light, this grown up animation unfolds to explore themes of oppression and human rights in a riveting package that creates questions and leaves the audience anxious for more.




Sweetie & Sunshine

Will Anderson, GB 2012


Mrs Panda Tian Tian and Mr Panda Yang Guang, aka “Sweetie and Sunshine”, two Chinese Pandas gifted to Edinburgh Zoo take up residence. Will Sweetie win Sunshine’s heart?






Noé Guiliani, Pierre Ledain, David Martins da Silva, Thierno Bah, France 2012


The ascent of a climber betweeen life and death.




Happily Ever After

Yonni Aroussi, Ben Genislaw, Israel 2012


Journey to the future of  Rani and Keren, a young couple moving in together for the first time. Without control they are drawn to the race of marriage, children and work, and within it they desperately try to keep up with the race and stay together.


Sister and Brother

Marie Vieillevie, France 2012


The story of a young girl and the very close friendship she has with her older brother.





Luise Omar, Teis Syvsig, Germany 2012


Ein Film über unerreichbare Träume, die selbstzerstörerische Kraft der Leidenschaft und die Verschmelzung von Mensch und Tier.



A Wind Egg

Ryo Okawara, Japan 2012


The film is about a family, which runs a chicken farm. The boy hankers after birds and his little sister keeps an eye on him. The father loves eggs. The mother loves somebody else. In the family fixture, each member stays there with bias or secrets.


Breath in

Adi Brodsly, Israel 2012


The wind is blowing silently, telling of a moment that is about to come. This movie doesn't have a certain narrative with a beginning middle and end. It is a glimpse into a moment in the characters' life. A moment of falling apart.




Julia Ocker, Germany 2012


A woman gives birth to a child. But the child is absolutely different from other children.




Sea Legs

Olesya Shchukina, France 2012


A Russian sailor comes back to the city after a very long time away at sea.





Evgenia Gostrer, Germany 2012


Do I have personal boundaries? What do they look like? How far do they go?





The Closing

Kim Hyesu, South Korea 2011


An ordinary woman who was given sentence of time limit is going up to the stage.




Snail Trail

Philipp Artus, Germany 2012


A snail invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution to finally get back to its origin.




Tired of Swimming

Anna Eijsbouts, GB 2012


An old man is torn between the lingering memory of his dead wife, a fish in a jar, and the reality of his lonely existence.




Choi Si-Jun, South Korea 2012


A story of the penguin 'Alex' who was left alone.







Matus Vizar, Slovac Republic, Czech Republic 2012


They were developing million years until they stayed alone in the bamboo forest. There they were found and the active primates started to take care of them. The story of the species that everybody takes care.