Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film has much to celebrate!

Friday, 19. March 2010

The much-loved Sandman is celebrating his world premiere, the Moomins their comeback in 3D, the Simpsons the Superbowl and the anti-globalisation animated film “Logorama” its Oscar. The ITFS and its enthusiastic Stuttgart audience, the FMX 2010 which takes place at the same time as the Festival and the Animation Production Day 2010 (APD) will again attract the international animated film industry to Stuttgart.

This year the International Competition, the heart of the Festival, boasts amongst other things the Oscar winner 2010 in the category “Best Animated Short Film” - "Logorama" a critique of globalisation by François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain.

An absolute highlight is the ITFS’ presentation of the world premiere of "The Sandman – Adventures in the Land of Dreams" produced by Jan Bonath (Scopas Medien AG). For the first time ever this internationally popular television character will appear on the cinema screen at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated film.

However not only the competitions, but also the supporting programme boasts numerous top-quality events and star guests. American animation artist and director David Silverman has been responsible for numerous episodes of probably the world’s best known animated family, the Simpsons and this year he will be presenting his work at the Festival of Animated Film in May. This will not only include the hit animated film "Simpsons – the film" but also his most recent clip about the yellow family which was produced for the Superbowl.

The Oy Filmkompaniet Helsinki also will be presenting its project "Moomins and the comet chase", a film in 3D. The music to the film is from the Icelandic singer Björk. Her "Comet Song" is a delightfully fresh contribution to this troll adventure.


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