The Tricks for Kids Program 2017

  • Tricks for Kids Short Film Competition: the contest shows current short films from all over the world in four programs.
  • Tricks for Kids Series Competition: the latest international animation series will be presented in two competition blocks.
  • Feature-length film competition AniMovie / Kids: international feature-length animated films will take you to fantastic worlds. In addition to that there will be numerous German premieres!
  • Hommage Thilo Rothkirch: the feature-length films and series of the well-known producer and graphic artist tell imaginative stories and enchant with pictures.
  • Tricks for Kids Special: Revolting Rhymes – a trip into the world of fairy tales with the creators of “The Gruffalo”.
  • Tricks for Kids Premiere: the latest episodes of the popular series “Meine Schmusedecke” will be shown at the ITFS.
  • Festival Garden Schlossplatz: our cultural partners offer daily activities to join in and our open air cinema invites you to a cozy family picnic with exciting short and feature-length films. The gaming world can be discovered at the GameZone Kids.
  • The ITFS as a guest at the Mercedes-Benz Museum: on the weekend before the festival, we invite you to the Mercedes-Benz Museum for the family sunday. Look forward to offers in a great atmosphere!
  • The ITFS as a guest at the Gerber shopping mall: workshops and animation films are the core of Gerber’s daily offer. Participation is essential.
  • The ITFS as a guest at the Wilhelma: the visit to the zoo becomes an animation experience, when in workshops the animals becomes an all-star cast.Image converted using ifftoany

Filmprogram Innenstadtkinos

In the Metropol cinema

Excitement, fun and entertainment promises the international selection of the most up-to-date animation feature-length films we have compiled for you in our series “AniMovie / Kids”. The stories are as diverse as the countries from which they originate.


Thu., May 4 // 5 pm // 90 min. // from 4 years onwards
The peaceful life of the Beagles Ozzy gets completely out of line as his family goes on a long journey and so long places him in an alleged dog spa.


Fri., May 5 // 5 pm // 95 min. // from 5 years onwards
Big Fish & Begonia
Chun lives in a magical empire whose inhabitants have mysterious powers. On her sixteenth birthday she turns into a dolphin and proceeds to the world of humans in the search for adventure.


Sat., May 6 // 3 pm // 80 min. // from 4 years onwards
Richard the Stork
Richard is a small sparrow, adopted by stork parents. They teach him everything he needs to know as a stork. But when the long and arduous journey to Africa begins, they don’t want to take him along.

In Metropol 1

The competition series Tricks for Kids short films features 24 of the best and latest films for children. They tell exciting and funny but also thoughtful stories. They take you to other countries and cultures, into real and fantastic worlds. Join us on the trip around the world.

Meet the makers of the films during the screenings. They tell you how their film was created and you can ask questions.


Tricks for Kids 1
Thu. May 4 // 2.30 pm // 56:44 min. // from 6 years onwards
i.a. Trashonauts, Kitten Witch, Odd is an Egg


Tricks for Kids 2
Fri., May 5 // 2:30 pm // 33:52 min. // from 4 years onwards
i.a. Dragon Hunt, Youpla, Swiff


Tricks for Kids 3
Sat., May 6 // 2:30 pm // 39:35 min. // from 8 years onwards
i.a. Kukuschka, Charlie’s Back Teeth, Amanda


Tricks for Kids 4
Sun., May 7 // 2:30 pm // 47:28 min. // from 5 years onwards
i.a. Stars, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Jiffy


In Metropol 1

In the “Tricks for Kids Series Contest”, you will find tricky surprises, discoveries and adventures from different countries. Experience how Wisch and Mop gradually turn the kitchen into a mess, a crocodile mom tries to prevent her daughter from eloping with a locomotive, Tina dreams of turning into a princess, or Matilda and Charlie turn the really peaceful Paperport into a land of adventures.


Tricks for Kids Series 1
Wed., May 3 // 2:30 pm // 55:63 min. // from 3 years onwards
i.a. Tadaaa! – Wackelpeter, Petzi – Endstation Wüste, Trudes Tier – The Beauty and the Beast, Tina & Tony – A Princess


Tricks for Kids Series 2
Sun., May 7 // 5 pm // 85:03 min. // from 7 years onwards
i.a. We Bare Bears – Burrito, Boo Boom – The Long Way Home, The Sketchy Show – Elf the Magician

In Metropol 2

Sun., May 5 // 2 pm // 58 min. // from 6 years onwards

Revolting Rhymes 1 + 2
Roald Dahl’s retelling of classic fairy tales has been wonderfully adapted and animated by the creators of “The Gruffalo”. The well-known fairy-tale Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf or Cinderella are experiencing some surprising twist. This film is recorded live in German.

In Metropol 2

Sat., May 6 // 2 pm // 40 min. // starting from 3 years

Meine Schmusedecke
Premiere of the heart-warming animation series by and with Angela Steffen and studio FILM PICTURES – for the little ones, their parents and siblings.

Thilo Graf Rothkirch’s feature-length films and series tell fantastic stories and enchant with pictures. In cooperation with the vhs Stuttgart from March 15. to May 9, 2017 an exhibition with selected works by the well-known producer and graphic artist takes place at TREFFPUNKT Rothebühlplatz.


Wed., May 3 // 3 pm // Metropol 3 // 75 min. // from 4 years onwards
Tobias Totz and his lion
Tobias Totz is a zoologist and his best friend, the lion, dreams of falling in love.


Sat., May 6 // 3 pm // Metropol 3 // 73 min. // from 4 years onwards
Laura’s Star
After moving to a strange city, Laura finds it difficult to find new friends.

There she finds a small star fallen from the sky.


Thu., May 4 // 3 pm // Metropol 3 // 60 min. // from 4 years onwards
“Otto der Straßenhund”, “Kleiner Dodo” & Co.
The most beautiful animation series from the house cartoon film.


Fri., May 5 // 3 pm // Open Air // 78 min. // from 5 years onwards
The Little Polar Bear
Oh, how beautiful life is for the little polar bear Lars at the North Pole. Only swimming makes him afraid.

Festival Garden

Family program daily from 2 – 5 pm

Our festival program offers a lot of film fun for the whole family! On the large LED cinema screen, you can daily watch the most beautiful animated short films to laugh, astonish and dream.

The GameZone Kids, supervised by media educators, in the Festival Garden invites children and adults to play and presents the latest animated games every day. In cooperation with the vhs Stuttgart, the Mercedes-Benz tent offers daily workshops and hands-on activities for kids!

Tue. – Fri.: 2 – 8 pm
Sat. + Sun.: 12 noon – 8 pm

In the GameZone Kids, which is supervised by the ComputerSpielSchule and the Stuttgarter Jugendhaus Gesellschaft, children and young people can daily discover the gaming world and play together. From tournaments to workshops exciting activities take place daily. It’s worth to have a look!

The ITFS as a guest

Family Sunday / Preview
Sun., April 30 // 11 am – 6 pm

Be there when the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the ITFS offer for the first time an opening program of the festival with special highlights.


Trickfilm Workshop
Sun., April 30 // 11 am – 1 pm // from 6 years

Discover the exciting world of cartoon films. Go on a fantastic journey and bring your ideas to life. Experience in diverse ways how animated film works and convert your stories from the storyboard to your own cartoon.

Click here to register.

My life as Zucchini
Sun.,  April 30 // 2 pm // 66 min. // from 6 years // free entry

With a great sense for bizarre combinations, the Oscar-nominated stop motion animation film “My Life as Zucchini” by Claude Barras tells the story of battered baby children who are on the way to steer their lives in quieter ways.

Afterwards workshops on sound design, music and animation take place and invite everyone to join in! The admission to the film and workshop afterwards is free.

Animal film special: Check out the funny animal films from April 13 to May 8, 2017 in the house of apes and the insectarium!


Workshop: Tricks of animals // from 8 years
May 4 – 7, 2017 // Thu. – Sun.: 3 – 6 pm and Sat. + Sun.: 10 am – 1 pm

Together with the educators ot the zoo we visit the funny animal world and listen to amusing and exciting stories, which the “Mobiltrick Team” will then bring to life with you in the Wilhelma school with scissors, paper, plasticine and much more. (Number of participants: 15 children)

Click here to register.

Family program
May 2 – 7 // Tue. – Sat.: 3 – 5 pm

Every day from 3 pm to 5 pm we invite children and families for workshops and animation films to the Gerber. Make your own flicker book and experience animated films for laughing, wondering and dreaming.

It is not necessary to register, just go ahead and participate!

Ticket reservation and workshop registration

Workshop registration:

Workshops at Mercedes-Benz Museum: 7€
Workshops at Wilhelma: 7€ (entrance includet)

Please click here, to get to the workshop registration

Tickets Innenstadtkinos:

Children up to 14 years: 4,50€
Teens and adults: 7€

0711 – 9 25 46 123

Offer for families: 

Families with a child from 3 persons receive a 20% discount