Celebrate the start of the 24th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film with us. The juries of the competition categories will be introduced and it is led through the first program block of the International Competition.


Award Ceremony

Join us, if the winner films of the competitions are chosen and the lucky winners may receive their golden Trickstar. Afterwards you have the opportunity to see the award winning films again.

Animation Comedy – Presentation of the german Voice Actor Award

With the awarding of the German Animation Prize, we present an extraordinary evening in cooperation with the Renitenztheater.

Presentation of the German Animation Screenplay Award, Trickstar Business and the award for Tricks for Kids Series

In 2017, the German Animation Screenplay Award was awarded in a joint gala with the new Trickstar Business, the world’s first animation prize with an explicit economic orientation, as part of the ITFS and Animation Production Day.


Animated Games Award Germany

The new award for game developers: The nationally-oriented prize honors the German computer game with the best visual design and aesthetics. The Animated Games Award Germany will be awarded within the framework of GameZone. The nominated games will be displayed in one area of GameZone.