Winners of the Animated Com Awards 2014


Since 2007 the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film has been presenting awards in the field of applied animation and awards prizes for the best advertising, spatial communication and technology. "COM" stands for both the words commercial and communication.

Prizes will be awarded for outstanding work in the areas of advertising, spatial communication, and technology and the special award. Thanks to our partners: Daimler AG, Lapp Kabel, ADC Deutschland and Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart.

Special Award “Future needs Derivation – Individual Mobility”
Also the Special Award: “Future needs Derivation – Individual Mobility” is offered by the Daimler AG. Imagination and creativity have no limits. All interested national and international filmmakers – students from film and animation schools as well as young companies – are invited to animate mobility as well as history and stories of the individual mobility in a personal and innovative way. The passion for automobile should be visualised and sustainable solutions for individual needs expressed in a playful manner.

Special Award “Lapp Connected Award”
As part of the Animated Com Award the U.I. Lapp Gmbh presents the special “Lapp connected Award”. What would the world be like without high performance cables and wires? From modern (machine – and installation) engineering to the complete electricity supply system and the internet: cables and wires keep the world going and bring progress and wealth into the most far out places by connecting all continents. This does not only have importance for the economy and industry but also for relationships between individuals and whole cultures. In the modern connected world we are all somehow linked to each other.

Curator of the Animated Com Award is animation director Kathi Kaeppel.

The award ceremony will take place as a gala event with show acts and invited guests from business and politics at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart on April 25, 2014.

Jury Members

Contact for enquiries regarding the Animated Com Award-Submissions:
Anne Jagemann (jagemann(at)