International Competition


The International Competition is the heart of the Festival. Artistically outstanding short animated films, released over the last 18 months can be seen here.

Grand Prix:

  • Animated film award sponsored by the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the City of Stuttgart; 15.000 Euros in prize money

Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award for Animated Film:

  • An award for the best graduation film by a film student; 10.000 Euros in prize money, sponsored by MFG Film Funding Baden-Wuerttemberg

SWR Audience Award:

  • Winner will be chosen by the audience of the festival in the presentations of the International Competition, 6.000 Euros in prize money

Young Animation

The Young Animation competition shows the best films produced by talented young filmmakers and students from international film and art schools.

  • The award for the best student film is accompagnied by 2.500 Euros in prize money and is sponsored by the Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Wuerttemberg (LfK) and MFG Film Fund Baden-Wuerttemberg

Tricks for Kids

The children's film festival, Tricks for Kids, presents the newest animated children's films and series that are just as challenging as they are entertaining. The films and series are selected by a jury of children

  • Award for the best children's animated film totals 4.000 Euros, sponsored by Studio 100 Media GmbH
  • Award for the best animated series for children totals 2.500 Euros

Cartoons for Teens

The competition focuses on youths aged between 12 and 18 and shows the best animated short films and series, animes, machinimas, and cut scenes from computer games.

  • Award for the best animation for teens, 2.500 Euros, sponsored by Nipponart GmbH and AV Visionen GmbH


The feature film competition AniMovie screens a selection of internationally outstanding feature-length animated films.

  • Award for the best animated feature, 2.500 Euros

Animated Com Award

The competition for applied animation. Proposals can include animated film in the fields of advertisement, spatial communication and technology.

  • Main Prize 2.500 Euro, sponsored by MFG Cluster AMCRS
  • Prize in the field of advertisement
  • Prize in the field of technology
  • Prize in the field of spatial communciation
  • Special prize “future needs derivation – individual mobility”, 2.500 Euro, sponsored by Daimler AG
  • Special prize Lapp Connected Award, 2.500 Euro, sponsored by U.I. Lapp GmbH

German Voice Actor Award

This award for the best German-language voice actor in an animated feature film is accompagnied by prize money totalling 2.500 Euros and is granted in co-operation withe the Renitenz Theater Stuttgart.

German Screenplay Award

This award aims to promote outstanding German-language screenplays for feature-length animated films. It is accompagnied by 2.500 Euros in prize money and is sponsored by Telepool GmbH.



Crazy Horse Session - 48h Animation Jam

Live animation competition; in cooperation with M.A.R.K.13 electronic media and Why Not Animation, Annecy