Metropol 2 | Thu. 7.5. | 2 PM

Copenhagen Bombay was founded in 2006, and is today owned by film producer and CEO Sarita Christensen. The ambition was to create a company characterized by openness and enthusiasm for original stories and new talent, an innovative creative environment and to establish new ways of doing business. Key activities of Copenhagen Bombay are to develop and produce entertainment for children and young people, for all media platforms. All productions aim to create original content, with a strong focus on creativity, while supporting curiosity, initiative and innovation among the viewers/users.

Presented by: Sarita Christensen


Aldrig Mere Jul / Get Santa (in production), Jacob Bak Ley; Rejsen til Fjerkongens Rige / Beyond Beyond (2014), Esben Toft Jacobsen; Isblomstens Hemmelighed / The Secret of the Iceflower (2012), Jacob Bak Ley; Den Kæmpestore Bjørn / The Great Bear (2011), Esben Toft Jacobsen; Tigre og Tatoveringer / Tigers and Tattoos (2010), Karla von Bengtson; Æblet & Ormen / The Apple and The Worm (2009), Anders Morgenthaler, Josef Fares; Eat Shit And Die (2008), Anders Morgenthaler


Dyr med Mening (2014), Esben Toft Jacobsen; Lillefinger s.2 (2014), Mette Skov; Carsten & Gittes Vennevilla s.2 (2012), John Kenn Mortensen; Hvad vil du vide? (2010), Anders Morgenthaler; Lillefinger s.1 (2010), Mette Skov, Jacob Bak Ley; Pandaerne, two seasons (2010), Anders Morgenthaler; Fup & Svindel s.2 (2010), Jacob Bak Ley; Fup & Svindel s.1 (2008), Jacob Bak Ley