ITFS Talks

Die Talks und Interviews renommierter Filmemacher*innen und Expert*innen aus dem Live-Stream gibt es hier zum Nachschauen.

From Roger Rabbit to Asian Animation Production

Signe Baumane Studio in the Time of Lockdown

… the hidden backround – the life of an animation director

The King of Indie animation is back. Bill Plympton
– a retrospective and tees on new projects

Animation Education in the UK in times of Corona

Women in Animation

The New Wave of Cinema & Animation in Saudi Arabia

Situation in Singapur und an Hochschulen

American Animation Industry and Stop Motion Film Production in Pandemic Times

Animation studieren in Zeiten von Corona


Painted Animation and the Lars von Trier-Project

The Making of „Charlie“

OnlineFestival Talk: Daniel Šuljic

OnlineFestival Talk: Ron Diamond (Part 1)

OnlineFestival Talk: Ron Diamond (Part 2)

OnlineFestival Talk: Ron Diamond (Part 3)