Best of Tricks for Kids 2022


24. September 2023    
15:30 - 17:00


Kommunales Kino Freiburg
Urachstraße 40, 79102 Freiburg


The programme presents a selection of the six most beautiful short films of the Tricks for Kids competition that were met with enthusiastic reception by both young and older ITFS 2022 audience onsite in the cinema and online in the ITFS media library. The topics and stories are varied and powerful, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

We follow the memories of a small bridge to earlier times, accompany a farmer, his cow and a strange blue lion across the world in search of a new home, feel touched by a grandmother’s caring love for her granddaughter, take part in a troll girl’s fight against people’s hostility because of her otherness, with a twinkle in the eye watch a camel’s confrontation with a ball machine and experience how a musician’s love for his instrument gives him the strength to overcome obstacles and find happiness. Discovery, accepting the unfamiliar, having courage and standing up for each other are the themes of these great and extraordinary films.

The film selection incorporated the ratings of the ITFS Children’s Jury and the new Tricks for Kids Audience Award.

The films have no dialogue and are recommended for children aged 5 years and older.