Cult Night: Disney +


29. April 2023 - 30. April 2023    
23:00 - 1:00


Gloria 2
Königstraße 20, Stuttgart, 70173


Disney+ presents selected episodes from animated cult series such as ‘American Dad’, ‘Bob’s Burger’, and ‘Family Guy’ on the big screen as part of the ITFS – a fan experience of a special kind!

ITFS23_Sondercharts-Kinos (12)_Disney KultnachtDirector: / / / :00 min

American Dad – TearjerkerDirector: Albert Calleros, Anthony Lioi, Brent Woods, John Aoshima, Rodney Clouden / USA / 2008 / 22:00 min

When Roger has aspirations to become a film producer, he has the idea to kidnap movie stars and replace them with robots that make terrible movies.

American Dad – Rapture’s DelightDirector: Albert Calleros, Anthony Lioi, Brent Woods, John Aoshima, Rodney Clouden / USA / 2009 / 22:00 min

When Stan and Francine are left behind during the rapture on Christmas day, Stan tries to ditch Francine for the pearly gates, blaming the oversight on her moral failings; but when Francine is kidnapped by the Anti-Christ, Stan does everything he can to get her back.

Bob’s Burgers – The Kids Rob a TrainDirector: Bernard Derriman, Boo Hwan Lim, Kyoung Hee Lim / USA / 2014 / 22:00 min

The Belchers take a trip on a train and, to their dismay, Louise, Gene and Tina are seated in a separate train car.

Bob’s Burgers – Work Hard or Die Trying, GirlDirector: Bernard Derriman, Jennifer Coyle / USA / 2014 / 23:00 min

When Gene’s “Die Hard”-inspired musical doesn’t get picked for the school’s fall performance, he decides to stage an underground show with the help of Louise.

Family Guy – PTVDirector: Dan Povenmire, Peter Shin / USA / 2005 / 23:00 min

Peter starts his own television station after the FCC overreacts to an incident on the Emmy Awards, and begins censoring Quahog’s television broadcasts.