Focus South Africa - Triggerfish Academy & The Animation School


There is a wealth of talent in Africa. There is a long history of stories and rich design languages spread over this incredible continent.

Over the last 30 years the South African Industry has grown into a small powerhouse, capable of delivering world class content. Now we need to expand the industry and create opportunities for people. Traditional schools, colleges and academies have grown to meet the needs of the industry, but there remains a gap in creating affordable and accessible training for ordinary Africans, as well as to provide continuous career development. Triggerfish Academy was established to meet these needs.

Operating in a new era of connectivity, we have developed an approach to content creation, productization and distribution that bridges the wealth gap, the gap between industry and those wanting to enter it, and the gaps between continents. Colin Payne, Triggerfish Academy CEO discusses the challenges, processes, and solutions of that journey.


Since it opened its doors in 2000, The Animation School has established itself as the leading source of specialist animation education in South Africa and is ranked 13th in the world (Animation Career Review website, 2022). The school has a laser-sharp focus on animation production, while drawing on local and international knowledge and experience from related sectors such as art, design, and film. This focus gives the school’s students a competitive advantage because they are able to refine and develop the skills which the animation industry specifically seeks.

The school’s vision is to be internationally recognised as a leading provider of higher education in the field of animation by producing award-winning graduates who are employed by top companies worldwide. The mission is to develop a pool of creative talent with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to be highly competitive in the global animation industry while maintaining a culture of respect, integrity, and professionalism. The school believes that it is essential to always act with integrity and that all its students can create award-winning work, and that more they can achieve more together whilst having fun. 

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