International Competition 2 (Rep.)


27. April 2023    
11:30 - 13:30


Gloria 1
Königstraße 20, Stuttgart, 70173


The International Competition (IC) is the beating heart of the festival. The best of current animated shorts from around the world are shown in this section. Films are humorous, contemplative, creative, or critical. 

Powerful, affectionate, and disturbing stories from family life and about anything else that can still be a kind of family to us.

PachydermeDirector: Stéphanie Clément / France / 2022 / 10:59 min / Screenplay: Marc Rius / World Sales: Miyu Distribution

Like every summer, Louise is entrusted to her grandparents for a few days of vacation in the country. The green grass of the garden, the swimming in the lake, the fishing with Grandpa, everything seems as sweet as Grandma’s strawberry pies. Yet this year, the snow will fall in summer and a monster will die.

La Reine des Renards
La Reine des RenardsDirector: Marina Rosset / Switzerland / 2022 / 8:50 min / Screenplay: Marina Rosset / Production: Marina Rosset / World Sales: Marina Rosset

The queen of the foxes is the saddest of them all. In order to make her happy, her worried gang swarms out at night to lay at her feet the secretly written, but ultimately unsent love letters retrieved from the city’s rubbish.

AMARRADASDirector: Carmen Córdoba González / Spain / 2022 / 10:21 min / Screenplay: Carmen Córdoba González / World Sales: Selected Films

Mother and daughter are roped for life by an eternal bond that heals and hurts, and that is perpetuated when daughter becomes a mother.

ScaleDirector: Joseph Pierce / Belgium, France, United Kingdom / 2022 / 14:55 min / Screenplay: Joseph Pierce, Nicolas Pleskof / Production: Mélocoton Films / World Sales: Salaud Morisset Production

Driving along the motorway, Will loses his sense of scale. As his crippling drug addiction deepens, he struggles to unpick the sequence of events that led to his predicament, before he’s lost forever.

SashaDirector: Serghei Chiviriga / Romania / 2022 / 12:43 min / Screenplay: Serghei Chiviriga / Production: DE FILM PRODUCTION SRL / World Sales: DE FILM PRODUCTION SRL

Confused by the whole world and his own body, a teenager is forced to discover in a strange way the truth about his sexual identity by confronting his other half.

ArmatDirector: Elodie Dermange / Switzerland / 2022 / 11:38 min / Screenplay: Elodie Dermange / Production: NADASDY FILM / World Sales: NADASDY FILM

Elodie tries to find out more about her family’s Armenian origins. She interviews her father, her uncle, her great aunt, and discovers a harsh history where violence and the inability to express love are passed down from generation to generation.

The House of Loss
The House of Loss Director: Jinkyu Jeon / Japan, South Korea / 2022 / 9:34 min / Screenplay: Jinkyu Jeon / World Sales: AniSEED

The elderly at the nursing home have their heads shaved. The protagonist who works there sees them but can’t read their expressions. However, from one instance, he finds himself looking closely at their faces.

I’m Only SleepingDirector: Em Cooper / United Kingdom / 2022 / 3:07 min / Production: Universal Music, Jelly, Universal / World Sales: Jelly

Em Cooper worked with Universal Music and Apple Corps to direct the music video for “I’m Only Sleeping” as part of the special edition release of Revolver. Over 1,300 individual oil paintings were combined to create the animation, which flows dreamlike through the song exploring the space between consciousness and sleep.

ITFS23_Sondercharts_PP_IW02Director: / / / :00 min