Panel-Talk: Animating AI - The Role of AI in Animation


28. April 2023    
11:00 - 13:00


Bolzstraße 10, Stuttgart, 70173


The influence of artificial intelligence in film production is steadily growing. But behind the AI there are still human artists whose role and influence are changing as much as the production itself. While a human-AI hybrid speaks to us on screen, in the panel talk we will let people have their say who are in an artistic dialogue with AI, exploring and shaping it. We will take a backstage look at the films, the creative abilities of AI and the technical demands on humans. Together with further experts, we will also look beyond the horizons that determine the way we think about art and AI so far and at the potential, visions and challenges that await us in the future. How will the way we see films be changed by AI, and how will the way we see AI be changed by film? How will film production continue to change in the age of AI?