Trickstar Nature


26. April 2023    
16:00 - 18:00


Gloria 1
Königstraße 20, Stuttgart, 70173


The films highlight the topics of climate protection, biodiversity, the environment, and sustainability in visually powerful and sharp-witted animations and encourage critical contemplation in both humorous and serious ways.

ITFS23_Sondercharts-Kinos (4)_NaturVisionDirector: / / / :00 min

Le chant du cachalot
Le chant du cachalotDirector: Adeline Faye / Belgium, France / 2022 / 11:50 min / Screenplay: Adeline Faye / Production: Novanima / World Sales: Novanima

One morning, a group of citizens discovers a big whale corpse in the middle of the city. They can’t get around it, so they’ll have to face the animal body. This meeting is about to transform them in an unexpected way.

LimitesDirector: Simon de Diesbach / Switzerland / 2022 / 7:37 min / Screenplay: Simon de Diesbach / World Sales: Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst

In a forest he digitized, Simon runs. Within an autobiographical narrative where the images were entirely captured in the forest of Chaney in Switzerland, running embodies the intimate link between the protagonist and the forest, a forest that is now being destroyed by a gravel pit. Immersed in a fragmented world, Simon questions the reasons that pushed him to 3D scan his forest.

The Waiting
The WaitingDirector: Volker Schlecht / Germany / 2023 / 15:35 min / Screenplay: Alexander Lahl, Max Mönch / Production: mobyDOK / World Sales: mobyDOK

In the rainforest of Costa Rica, a researcher lives for several years in a tiny little shack to observe frogs. When she leaves the place for a short time and returns, not a single frog is to be found anymore. The woman sets out to find them – and encounters a gruesome mystery.

The Invention of Less
The Invention of LessDirector: Noah Erni / Switzerland / 2021 / 3:03 min / Screenplay: Noah Erni / Production: Studio uuuh! / World Sales: Studio uuuh!

In 2031, due to global warming a young polar bear has to leave her home and moves to Zurich. Together with the other animals who have fled, she ekes out a living with odd jobs. But then she has a world-changing idea!

La Mecha
La MechaDirector: Nicholas Hooper H. / Chile / 2022 / 13:45 min / Screenplay: Nicholas Hooper H., Sofía Eluani, Tomás Benavente / World Sales: Nicholas Hooper H.

Mecha is the wandering soul of an environmental activist who dies under suspicious circumstances. Her death generates commotion in town and unleashes mixed feelings in her family. This leads Mecha to seek reconciliation with her son Juan and make him take charge of her fight.

Spirit of the Forest
Spirit of the ForestDirector: Kalp Sanghvi, Nandini Rao, Nirupa Rao / India / 2022 / 6:51 min / Screenplay: Nandini Rao / World Sales: Nirupa Rao

A little girl stumbles into a sacred grove near her village in south India. She disturbs the spirit of the forest, who takes her on an adventure through time to illuminate the origins of this ancient swamp and her place in its continuing legacy.

Ressources Humaines
Ressources HumainesDirector: Isaac Wenzek, Titouan Tillier, Trinidad Plass / France / 2022 / 3:30 min / Production: EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation) / World Sales: Miyu Distribution, EMCA (Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation)

Andy, followed by a friend filming the scene, goes to his recycling appointment. Wanda, the secretary of the company, welcomes him. We follow Andy through the whole process, until his last seconds of life.

ParadiseDirector: Jérôme Cortie / France / 2022 / 15:24 min / Screenplay: Jérôme Cortie / Production: Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains / World Sales: Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains

When its scientific mission comes to an end, a satellite in charge of monitoring climate change deorbits to a devastated Earth. In this mad race for survival, it meets a guide operating for Pelerin, an apocalypse tourism agency that offers survivors expeditions to thrilling places.

A World in Chaos
A World in ChaosDirector: David Crisp / Hungary / 2023 / 9:46 min / Screenplay: David Crisp / Production: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest / World Sales: Krisztina Darók

A series of insights into the meaning of life and the moral concerns of humans, told through a selection of animals in their natural habitats, re-enacting unfortunate everyday situations and highlighting the absurd nature and preposterous consequences of ethics, emotion, behaviour and the very concept of humankind on planet earth.