Work in Progress 1 - German Projects & Co-Productions


28. April 2023    
18:00 - 19:30


Bolzstraße 10, Stuttgart, 70173


The ‘Work in Progress’ series enables producers and directors to present animated feature films, short films, series, or cross-media projects to an international audience of professionals and give them a first insight into brand new and interesting projects. Professionals are given a platform to find new cooperation and financing partners or investment opportunities.

In 25-minutes each (including a Q&A session), selected high-quality projects will be presented which are at the stage ‘in concept’ to ‘in production’. In their presentations, the producers and directors will not only talk about their projects, but also show first visual material and, if available, trailers.

ITFS23_Sondercharts-Kinos (7)_APDsDirector: / / / :00 min

UNDER THE CLOUDSDirector: Sebastian Gadow / / / :00 min

A hardworking weather frog overdoes it with the cloud brewing and creates a violent storm, that radially changes his life. “Under the Clouds” is a 2D animated short film about the balance of the individual and the environment, developed by a creative team around Student Academy Award winning animation director Sebastian Gadow (Laika & Nemo) (in concept / drama / adventure / 2D / animated short film / 6-8 minutes / families and children, 4-10 years)

THE DRAGON’S TREASURE TEASER PILOTDirector: Ashkan Rahgozar / / / 1:24 min

The story is based on a legend from the desert region of the Middle East and inspired by the stories of “One Thousand and One Nights”. But the main inspiration of the project is the importance of water in societies around the world. We try to highlight this issue for our main target audience, the children. If we want to have a better future, we have to invest in the younger generation, and they should be aware of the crisis. (in development / adventure / fantasy / 2D / animated feature-length film / 90 minutes / families and children)

THE DRAGON’S TREASURE: Presentation VideoDirector: / / / 4:29 min

WOODBLOCKDirector: / / / :00 min

In this “Work in Progress” Session the team of German animation studio Woodblock will give an insight into their ambitious Intellectual Property (IP) development slate.