Workshop Talk: Comic Ahmadjan and the Wiedehopf


26. April 2023    
13:00 - 14:00


Bolzstraße 10, Stuttgart, 70173


Workshop talk with Maren and Ahmadjan Amini (Berthold Leibinger Prize winners) on the comic “Ahmadjan and the Hoopoe”.

Maren Amini talks about the life and art of her father Ahmadjan Amini along the story of the “Conference of Birds” (by Fariduddin Attar 1136 to 1220). The story moves through the hippie era in Afghanistan, the music and art scene of the 1970s in Kabul and in Hamburg, and to freedom fighters far up in the mountains of the Hindu Kush. At a time when American tourists were still camping in the parks of Kabul, at a time of peace movements, wild parties and a looming endless war.

Excerpts from the award-winning book will be shown in an exhibition at Literaturhaus Stuttgart.