The last time in Stuttgart at the beginning of the nineties – in the legendary club Röhre! Now almost 30 years later the electronic popband will play once again in Stuttgart. Founded in 1979, the band has two gigs at the 26th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS). The concerts will take place on March 3 and 4, each at 8 pm in the dome hall of the Kunstgebäude.

Furthermore Der Plan will give a master class on March 4 from 11 am to 1 pm and will give insights in managing a band besides doing music. The two concerts and the master class will take place during I/P/D [immersion][popculture][distraction] – Conference on pop culture & Immersive Media, Animation and Video Games Culture of Popbüro Stuttgart, which takes place at ITFS for the first time.

Der Plan is known for its subersive shows on stage which present a mixture of fine art, performance art and pop songs.The band’s new show uses for example so-called Machinimas, animations from the virtual reality platform Second Life, and makes “dangerous clowns” dance to the music in real time. The current line-up of Der Plan is Frank Fenstermacher, Kurt Dahlke alias Pyrolator and Moritz Reichelt alias Moritz R@. The curious electronic popband from Germany, that existed from 1979 until 1992 in her original line-up, was always more than a band. Fine arts have always been as important as music. An updated version of Der Plan 4.0 existed from 2004 – 2006. In 2007, Der Plan 5.0 started as a virtual band. The label ATA TAK founded by Pyrolator, Reichelt and Fenstermacher was one of the first continental european indi-labels and released LPs of DAF, Andreas Dorau, Holger Hiller and Element of Crime.

Reichelt created LP covers for Depeche Mode and initiated the Tiki/Lounge revival at the beginning of the 90s. Fenstermacher played on the legendary “Monarchy & daily life” of Fehlfarben and has released several solo LPs. Kurt Dahlke is a producer and programmer, lastly for Edgar Froese. For some fans Der Plan, formed at the end of the seventies in Düsseldorf in the surrounding of the Ratinger Hof, are pioneers of the New German Wave. Others call them the best German band of all times. Their latest album “Unkapitulierbar” has been relesased in 2017.

Tickets are available online. Holders of a festival pass have free access to the concerts.

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