We are mourning the loss of Cav Bøgelund who’s leaving behind not only a big gap in the world of Danish animation films but also a creative and human gap. Cav was a guest to the ITFS in 2015. His extraordinary film “Brothers in Arms” – a sensitive as well as ruthlessly honest story about the development of friendship and trust and life and death – was part of the International Competition. In 2016 he was a jury member himself in the International Competition and represented the National Film School of Denmark (the same school where he graduated in directing and character animation) within the Country Focus Denmark. Cav sparkled with creativity, he was multilaterally interested and talented. Besides his cinematic work he wrote, illustrated and published a comic series, he contributed to the establishment of a B.A. programme in graphic narration at the Animation Workshop. We are all going to miss him, his sense of humor, his sensitiveness, his kindness. It’s so incredibly sad that we are going to celebrate our 25th anniversary in the consciousness that he will never be our guest again. But we are going to treasure him for what he was: a great artist and an extraordinary person.


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