International Competition 2022

Grand Prix

State of Baden-Württemberg and City of Stuttgart Grand Award for Animated Film with a cash prize of 15,000 €.


Hugo Covarrubias
Chile 2021
15:54 min.
Production: Trebol 3 Producciones

Jury Statement

Bestia is a complex, multi-layered, infinitely re-watchable portrait of a torturer. A person who surfaces over and over again throughout human history. It is a puzzling, mysterious, and genuinely disturbing piece of art.

Special Mention 1:


Robert Seidel
Germany 2021
5:14 min.
Production: Robert Seidel

Jury Statement

Hysteresis takes us into the world of Fine Arts, where Painting, Body Art, Dance and Contemporary Music intertwine. Experimental Animation at its best, innovative and enjoyable!

Special Mention 2:


Špela Cadež
France, Germany, Slovenia 2021
9:34 min.
Production: Finta film, Fabian&Fred, RTV, Miyu Distribution

Jury Statement

A brave and shocking study of passive aggression in a relationship. A quiet but powerful rebellion against the ordinary familiarity of domestic abuse. The artwork and beautifully observed acting create a suffocating atmosphere. However the window is open and the smoke slowly clears, leaving us some room for hope.

Lotte Reiniger Promotion Award for Animated Film

Award for the best graduation film with a cash prize of 10,000 € sponsored by MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg.

L’Immoral / The Immoral

Ekin Koca
France 2021
4:13 min.
School: La Poudrière

Jury Statement

A simple and dramatic comment on the savagery and dangers of the group mentality, told with delightfully dark humour and beautifully observed body language.

SWR OnlineFilm Audience Award:

With a cash prize of 6,000 € sponsored by SWR (regional Broadcasting for southwest Germany).

Bis zum letzten Tropfen / To the last Drop

Simon Schnellmann
Germany 2021
5:46 min.

Young Animation 2022

Award for the best student film with a cash prize of 2,500 €, sponsored by LFK Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Württemberg and MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg.

Underwater Love

Andrea Falzone, Maria Cristina Fiore, Veronica Martiradonna
Italy 2021
5:45 min.
School: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

Jury Statement

The main award goes to the authentic, punk and imperfect film “Underwater Love”  which is about an emotional carousel called life. The raw, vibrant technique perfectly supports a passionate story of becoming a woman. The jury was amazed by the shameful, courageous animation, and the openness of the directors to risk and explore.

Special Mention:

Les larmes de la Seine / The Seine’s Tears

Alice Letailleur, Eliott Benard, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Nicolas Mayeur, Philippine Singer, Yanis Belaid
France 2021
8:49 min.
Production: Je Regarde, Schule: Pôle 3D

Jury Statement

The Special Mention goes to the film „Les Larmes de la Seine“  which is about the clash of ideas and the brutal forces of history that tend to repeat themselves. It is a poetic story made with an impressive cinematographic and technical maestry.

The FANtastic Award

Award for the best animation talent with a cash prize of 1,000 € sponsored by the FANtastic Jury, the most faithful fans of ITFS.

The Soloists

Celeste Jamneck, Feben Elias Woldehawariat, Mehrnaz Abdollahina, Razahk Issaka, Yi Liu
France 2021
7:58 min.
Production: GOBELINS

Jury Statement

We have never been so united in the FANtastic jury as this year – because we all liked one film in particular. Produced by an international team and in view of the political developments worldwide, this year’s award-winning film convinced us above all with its exuberant creativity full of pop-cultural references and simultaneous return to the traditions of animated film. Filling such a serious and depressing topic as systematic gender injustice with humour is a special art – which is why we are awarding Mehrnaz Abdollahinia, Razahk Issaka, Celeste Jamneck, Yi Liu and Feben Elias Woldehawariat with the FANtastic Award 2022 for their film “The Soloists”. Welcome to the animation family!

Special Mention:

Les larmes de la Seine / The Seine’s Tears

Alice Letailleur, Eliott Benard, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Nicolas Mayeur, Philippine Singer, Yanis Belaid
8:49 min.
France 2021
Production: Je Regarde, Schule: Pôle 3D

Jury Statement

We give our Special Mention for a film that has inspired us in a unique way. As we all know, democracy is fragile and not available everywhere or to everyone – this is what “Les Larmes de la Seine” by Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Alice Letailleur, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Philippine Singer and Lisa Vicente clearly shows us. With a coherent overall concept, impressive music, sophisticated technique and convincing metaphors, this film makes the massacre of Algerian immigrants in Paris 1961 visible without being moralising.

AniMovie 2022

Award for the best international animated feature-length film

Flugt / Flee

Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway 2021
90:00 min.
Production: Final Cut For Real, Sun Creature Studio, Vivement Lundi, MostFilms, Mer Film, ARTE France, VPRO – Television

Jury Statement

The ITFS Festival gave us – the jury – quite a challenge. Various films, each with its own unique and beautiful characteristics, were put before us. Some films were driven by deep humanitarian content and cruel displacement of families living under the unbearable rule of authoritarian leaders. Some featured colorfully vivid journeys where friendships were forged and heroes were born. Some were a mixture of the above.

AniMovie Winner: Flee

We are in 2022, emerging from a global pandemic. And yet the world has become an even more dangerous and unpredictable place. What have we truly learned? We know that repression by dictatorial authorities has an unacceptable impact on people’s lives on a daily basis. From not being to able to speak up, to how we interact with those around us – even our own family and loved ones. The fact is, this authoritarianism exists, it is all around us, and it effects  us. Repression underlines the visual language of this film. It’s hybrid documentary and animation style is visually artistic and moving. It touched us all so profoundly.

Special Mention:

Moje Slunce Maad / My Sunny Maad

Michaela Pavlátová
France, Czech Republic, Slovakia 2021
81:00 min.
Production: Negativ Film Production, BFILM, Sacrebleu Productions

Jury Statement

First we would like to draw attention to the position of women in a patriarchal society, not east, west but globally. In her film, director Michaela Pavlátová highlights not only the harsh clash between the European and Afghan cultures, but also the warm relationship between the more progressive patriarch of the Kabul family and the young European wife of his son. The character of the little adopted son was strongly developed, drawn and placed in a picturesque cinematographic setting. The little boy was, for us, the real hero of the film.

Trickstar Nature Award 2022

Award for the best international animated short film that deal with the topics of climate protection, biodiversity, environment and sustainability, with a cash prize of 7,500 €, sponsored by Verband Region Stuttgart.

Varken / Pig

Jorn Leeuwerink
The Netherlands 2022
8:17 min.
Production: Studio Pupil (Tünde Vollenbroek)

Jury Statement

The film shows the immeasurable audacity of human incorrigibility, in all its facets, in an entertaining and cheeky way; the short movie weaves together everyday stories about an electric blanket, a kettle, or a smoothie blender, revealing a paradoxical, exploitative, selfish system. The film gets to the point.

Tricks for Kids 2022

Award for the best children’s animated film: Prize money in the amount of 4,000 € sponsored by Studio 100 Media.

Die allerlangweiligste Oma auf der Welt /
The most boring Granny in the whole world

Director: Damaris Zielke
Germany 2022, 7:02 min
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Jury Statement

The film convinced us by explaining the serious topic of death in a humorous way.  We could easily understand the granddaughter’s thoughts. Younger children can get an access to the subject matter that way. We think that it is a film suitable for all ages. The animation is so detailed and the perspective of the images so fascinating that we felt as if we had slipped under the covers too. We also noticed a good mood in the audience. The film leaves us thoughtful but not sad with the following idea: If there are no beautiful memories, then we should make some!

Special Mention:

Maman Pleut des Cordes / Mum is Pouring Rain

Director: Hugo De Faucompret
France 202, 29:43 min
Production: Dandelooo, Laïdak Films

Jury Statement

The film has touched us all very much. The topic of depression is very relevant for many people. That’s why we think it is important that films deal with the disease and educate people about it. The portrayal of depression seemed very credible to us. We think that also younger children should be introduced to the topic. The film made this possible in a beautiful way.

Tricks for Kids Audience Award, endowed with 1.500 Euro, sponsored by L-Bank.


Director: Isabelle Favez
Suisse 2021, 26 min
Production: Nadasdy Film

Animated Games Award Germany 2022

Award for the best animation based German computer game, which is characterized by the best visual design and aesthetics with a cash prize of 5,000 €, sponsored by MFG Film Funding Baden-Württemberg.

Minute of Islands

Developer: Studio Fizbin
Publisher: Mixtvision Mediengesellschaft

Jury Statement

This year’s Animated Games Award Germany features five very strong submissions. It was not easy for us, the jury, to make a decision, especially because each of the five game nominations fascinates and inspires in a very individual way. But there can only be one winner. Minute of Islands is an independent game with depth in both art design and story. Animations are used sparingly in the hand-drawn graphics, but in a pointed and considered way. They either enliven the 2D graphics or draw the eye to objects that are important to the story or further gameplay. Therefore, we are happy to present “Minute of Islands” with the Animated Games Award Germany with full conviction.

Special Mention:


Developer: DigiTales Interactive
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment

Jury Statement

“Lacuna” is not only visually convincing, with technically flawlessly implemented and detailed pixel graphics, but above all with its immersive, fantastically told story, which captivates the player and constantly motivates him/her to progress. The irreversible, partly moral decisions unfold a dramaturgical arc of suspense, increase the replay value and invite to get to know the world and its characters as well as the story in general in different ways. Culture- and society-related topics also find their place in the course of the story and thus give the game a life-relevant reference. Therefore, “Lacuna” by DigiTales Interactive deserves a Special Mention at the Animated Games Award 2022.

German Animation Screenplay Award 2022

Award for the best screenplay with a cash prize of 2,500 € sponsored by the Animation Media Cluster Region Stuttgart (AMCRS).

Dino Mite / Minus Drei und die verlorene Stadt

Screenplay: Armin Prediger, Andreas Völlinger, production: Holger Weiss and Dominique Schuchmann, M.A.R.K.13 – COM, Björn Magsig and Sandra Schießl, TRIKK 17

Jury Statement

Minus Drei, a Dinosaur child, primary school age, has a wish: like all his classmates, he would like to have a pet. However, his pocket money is only enough for the primeval girl Lucy, a wild human child. The two become best friends; Lucy quickly grows on him with her fearless and clever nature. But years later something happens: the explorer Apato, Minus Drei’s longtime idol, believes that Lucy comes from a lost city. Minus Drei, Lucy and the researcher make their way there and are surprised to find that the former dinosaur town is now inhabited by humans. The question quickly arises as to whether Lucy wants to stay, because she is immediately welcomed into the community – or whether she decides for her friend Minus Drei. In the end it becomes clear how attached the two are to each other, the dinosaur boy surpasses himself, saves Lucy’s human friends and finally also their warm bond, because Lucy has long been more than “just” his pet.

“Upside Down” is a popular game – and an exciting premise for a children’s film that surprisingly approaches this question: what if a dinosaur had a pet, an untamed human prehistoric girl? What if the dinosaur is the civilized creature and the human child takes on the role of the “wild” pet? Andreas Völlinger and Armin Prediger have turned this idea into a screenplay for an animated film that is dramaturgically clear, extremely funny and with great dialogue wit. They always have their target group in mind! With an exciting and action-packed plot, but at least as much heart and humor, the screenplay inspires and you can hardly wait to see this story on the big screen, together with lots of children!

„Verkehrte Welt“ ist ein beliebtes Spiel – und eine spannende Prämisse für einen Kinderfilm, der sich dieser Frage ganz erstaunlich nähert: Was wäre wenn ein Dino ein Haustier hätte, ein menschliches ungezähmtes Urzeitmädchen? Was wäre wenn der Dino das zivilisierte Wesen ist und das Menschenkind die Rolle des „wilden“ Haustieres einnimmt? Andreas Völlinger und Armin Prediger haben diese Idee dramaturgisch klar, überaus lustig und mit großartigem Dialogwitz zu einem Drehbuch für einen Animationsfilm gemacht. Ihre Zielgruppe haben sie dabei die ganze Zeit im Blick! Mit einem spannenden und actionreichen Plot, aber mindestens ebenso viel  Herz und Humor, begeistert das Drehbuch und man kann es kaum erwarten, diese Geschichte zusammen mit ganz vielen Kindern auf der großen Kino-Leinwand zu sehen!

Award for the screenplay with the biggest international market potential. The award is endowed with 1,500€ and is sponsored by Pink Parrot.

Little Miss Santa             

Screenplay: Jasmina Kallay
Production: Lilian Klages, Dreamin’ Dolphin Film, Munich

Jury Statement

I guess we will all agree Christmas is a very special time of the year. And our LITTLE MISS SANTA is going to make it even better.

This is a charming Christmas story full of love, friendship and understanding of each other’s needs. Unlike other Christmas films we all know and most certainly adore, this one is quite special. We have a lovely girl, Chrissy who is actually the granddaughter of Santa, that dream of one day becoming Santa too. She thinks it is time to learn everything about her grand-father’s duties and business. And could a girl really take over the job? A female Santa?

Unfortunately, Santa thinks she is too young for that, and she is not prepared yet for such a task. Her male nanny, Reindee, a funny and loving reindeer, with a Rockstar attitude, always wearing black sunglasses, an antler headband and of course a guitar, agrees with Santa and tries to make her understand the situation.

He will not succeed. But instead, he will become her protector and will help her achieve her will. Disaster strikes when Santa has a sled incident because of Chrissy. Christmas is in danger: no Santa delivery service, no presents… Oh Chrissy…

In this adventure we will see different magical Christmas creatures from various cultures and lots of reindeers, both male and female, training for their great task, doing all sorts of training, from yoga to weightlifting, you name it. We will meet Befana, the witch, who used to delivery presents too, before Santa took over the job. Also, Krampus and his goat will take part of this story, making Chrissy’s objective very hard. She will face dangerous challenges in the forest but also others that will teach her the way to go in life. There are no wrong doings, just mistakes that can be mended.

After many struggles and mistakes, Chrissy will finally find the way to undo all the troubles she has created, thanks to the Tree of Life and to her heart… nobody must deliver the presents this year. She will have the best idea ever to solve Christmas…. They will bring all the children to Santaville to get their presents…. What a magnificent idea… the children will never forget that and it turned out to be the best Christmas ever…..

Special Mention:

Mr. Wiggles

Screenplay: André Heeger

Jury Statement

A “fish” out of water story and of people and animals who set out to find their home. A lonely little penguin and aborigines orphan Mowan feel out of place in the Australian outback. Mowan lives with foster parents who do not take care of him. He has a great secret gift – he can talk to animals. And Mowan is not alone – his grandfather’s spirit is at his side, protecting him and accompanying him on his digeridoo. When the run-down zoo in the neighborhood has to close, a penguin is forgotten. Mowan names him Mr. Wiggles and they decide to bring Mr. Wiggles back to his element, the ocean. An adventurous road movie through Australia begins, in which new friendships are made and people and animals find new and old homes.

Mr. Wiggles is an original Down Under story about friendship, courage and belonging. The jury decided to give Mr. Wiggles a Special Mention to encourage the author to continue developing Mr. Wiggles as we see the potential for a warm-hearted, humorous story with depth for the whole family. Dear André Heeger, please stay tuned.

Special Mention:

The (mostly) marvelous MURRAY

Screenplay: Christian Kaps

Jury Statement

In The (mostly) Marvellous Murray, the naive marmot Murray is determined to follow his passion for music and leaves his mountain home for the big city. Against the will of his beloved grandmother, he is eager to follows in his mother’s footsteps and also wants to become a star of the stage. Once in the city, Murray finds a variety theatre and meets the shady feline director who seems all too eager to make Murray’s dreams come true.


The story of whistling Murray is fresh and entertaining, and in the new adaptation the script is even more action packed than before. The audience can look forward to joining the marmot and his new friends on their odyssey through the colourful world of variety theatre.


Whilst searching for stardom and looking for signs of his mother who he is certain was a big name on the stage, Murray stumbles upon some interesting facts that leads him to uncovering the disappearance of famous artists from the theatre world.

The story is full of intrigue, action and excitement and the final theatrical reveal will shock and surprise audiences of all ages.

Trickstar Business Award

The award honours innovative business models in the field of animation and comes with prize money in the amount of 7,500 € sponsored by Verband Region Stuttgart.

Business Modell Yullbe GO

Company: Mack NeXT (Rust)

Jury Statement

This year the jury of the Trickstar Business Award is pleased to reward MackNeXT, for the company perfectly embodies the Award’s core. MackNeXT GmbH has developed from an in-house agency to an international creator and consultant of innovative theme park design, media-based entertainment and story-telling company. Their product YULLBE Go showed relevance to the market and business potential, as well as an innovatively and promise that the Trickstar Business Award stands for.


Also from the point of view of the industry, MackNext and its Product YULLBE Go stood out amongst this year’s submissions. YULLBE Go is a Free Roaming VR Attraction, enabling 88 guests per Hour to move through a virtual world in an 80 square meter room. The player’s hands and feet are traced by specially developed hardware. Thereby, the system differs from its competitors by the high mobility and capacity at an attractive price. It stands so out also as a new business case for 3D attractions.

Special Mentions:

Art Minute

Die Asta Experience & Zentropa Productions (Hvidovre, Denmark)– interactive animated series and short film formats for museums

Colored (Noire)

(Novaya (Paris, France) – immersive installation with augmented reality “Artminute Format”).

Jury Statement

The Jury of the Trickstar Business Award 2022 would like to make two special mentions of the projects “Artminute Format” by Die Asta Experience and “Colored” by Novaya.

Both projects have new but different approaches to deal with the exchange of knowledge and experiences in museums and similar facilities. “Artminute Format” let you explore art with animated movies and workshops, the films are made by users in collaboration with museums. “Colored” is an interactive, immersive installation using augmented reality to tell a story of a 15-year old black girl in the 1950s in Alabama.

The jury members recognize the high potential of further developing these two great projects with a special mention. Therefore comes an offer for a business consulting with the jury member Marc König in order to shape the business models and to take the projects to the next level. Congratulations to Die Asta Experience and Novaya.

Crazy Horse Session – 48H Animation Jam


Shantanu Karkare, Siddhi Vartak