The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film on tour!

Since 2006, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film has been organizing a yearly tour programme with a selection of some of the best animated films from the previous Festival. The programme is presented worldwide and comprises: Best of International Competition, the BW reel with the best animations made in the German region of Baden-Württemberg and Best of Tricks for Kids.

Best of International Competition 2019

Along with the two award-winning films, the programme presents further highlights of the ITFS19 International Competition for animated shorts. The selected films cover a wide range of styles and topics. In “Selfies“”, Claudius Gentinetta launches an impressive, artistic firework of disturbing self-portraits, re ecting the everyday madness and abysmal depths of human self-presentation. “Animals”, the winner of the Lotte Reiniger
Award is a perceptive and analytical observation of human behaviour under exceptional circumstances. With concise 3D caricature images, Tue Sanggaard depicts the transformation of allegedly civilised subway passengers into wild animals driven by instinct. And the Grand Prix winner “Bloeistraat 11” is a delicate portrait of two girls, best friends transitioning from childhood to puberty. The airiness and transparency of the character
animation reflects both the light-heartedness of childhood and the fragility of puberty. Instead of dialogues, Nienke Deutz skilfully uses the language of the girls’ bodies to illustrate their changing relationship.

Flyer Best of ITFS 2019 Download (PDF)

Best of Tricks for Kids – The children’s film festival of ITFS on tour

Tricks for Kids is the children’s film festival of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS). With screenings of imaginary and brand new works, it takes audiences on an international journey through the fabulous world of animated film. Many of the directors of the short and feature films attend the Festival and answer the children’s questions. The film programme is complemented by exciting workshops
o ering hands-on activities. In the GameZone Kids, children can explore new animated games and play them together on each Festival day, looked after media educators. A jury of 9- to 12-year old children awards the prize for the best animated children’s short film and presents it at the Tricks for Kids Awards Ceremony.

Flyer Best of TfK 2019 Download (PDF)

Best of Baden Württemberg

Best of Animation from Baden-Württemberg presents selected short films from Baden-Württemberg of a great variety with regard to topics, technology, and style, ranging from children’s films and series to narrative short films and experiments regarding film aesthetics. Some of the films were made at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, others represent the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (ABK) or the Hochschule der Medien. The short film “Ode” by Shadi Adib and Studio Soi is the winner of the “Animation for Europe”  competition, a project of the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film on the occasion of the 2019 European Parliament election, supported by the Ministry of Justice and European Affairs Baden-Württemberg.

Flyer Best of Baden-Württemberg Download (PDF)

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