ITFS 2015

22nd Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart:
May 5 – 10, 2015
Warm-up starting April 13


We are looking forward to your visit!


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Programme schedule ITFS 2014

Here you can find the complete programme schedule of the ITFS 2014.

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Programm 1: Wed, 9.5. / 5 PM, Metropol 1

Bienvenue à Bric à Broc "A l'eau Milo!"

(Welcome to Bric and Brac "To the Bath Milo!")

Amandine Gallerand, Matthieu Chevallier

France 2011

Geschichten aus Mullewapp: Der Hühnertag
(Mullewapp Stories: Chicken Day)

Theresa Strozyk, Tony Loeser

Germany 2011

Tom und das Erdebeermarmeladebrot mit Honig:
Tom & Bongo / Toms Ballonfahrt

Andreas Hykade

Germany 2011

Die Oktonauten und die Orkas Folge 9
(The Octonauts)


USA 2011

Bummi "Ein Apfel zu wenig" (Bummi)

Sandor Jesse

Germany 2010

Wuezel en Pip: Visje (Woolly and Pip: Little Fish)

Dinand Woesthoff, Jan-Willem Bult, Patrick Raats

Netherlands 2010

Lulu Vroumette (Lulu Zipadoo: It´s Better to Give )

Charlie Sansonetti

France 2010/11

Programm 2: Thu, 10.5. / 5 PM, Metropol 1

Floopaloo, Where are you: "Who dunnit?"

Hugo Gittard

France 2011

The Amazing World of Gumball- The Quest Episode

MIC Graves, Chloe Anderson

UK 2011

The Woodlies- Eps.5 'Bodo Bother'

Alex Stadermann

Ireland 2011

The Cat in The Hat Knows A Lot About That! Episode 44: I See Seeds

Tony Collingwood

UK, Canada 2010


Banana Cabana: Der Nicht-Geburtstag. Folge 10

Brad Ferguson

Canada 2010

Mia and me: 'Talking to Unicorns'

Gerhard Hahn

Germany 2011

01. September 2014

Animated Spaces - Animation, architecture, and game art (Prof. Ulrich Wegenast)

Expanded Animation Symposium (Sept. 5, 2014) at Ars Electronica 2014 (Linz, Austria)

29. April 2014

ITFS 2014 - Trickstars for the best animated films have been awarded

On Sunday, April 27, 2014, the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film ended with the big award...

25. April 2014

The Animated Com Award Ceremony held at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

April 25, 2014 in the Mercedes-Benz Museum

ITFS Trailer 2014

Main Trailer

Plot-O-Mat Round 2