“Milles-pattes et crapaud” / “The Centipede and the Toad”
France 2013
directed by: Anna Khmelevskaya
producer: Sophie Fallot

production: Fargo

10:13 min

Special Mention

“Les deux vies de Nate Hill”/ “The Two Lives of Nate Hill”
Frankreich 2013
directed by: Jeanne Joseph

producer: Francois Morisset

production: Salaud Morisset Production

3:00 min

Explanation of the jury



We award this movie for its poetic, thought-provoking storytelling, its layered and visually dynamic design and for its unique and heartfelt emotive characters, all under the umbrella of wonderfully orchestrated music.


Special Mention


A special mention goes to a film that convinced the jury with its unique and innovative structure, its well-thought-out twist of the story line and its ironic touch.