Competition Tricks for Kids-Shorts

Films Tricks for Kids-Shorts 1 (from 6 years)

THU, 23.4.// 2:30 pm// Metropol 1

L'Automne de Pougne (Poppety in the fall)
France 2012

directed by Pierre-Luc Granjon, Antoine Lanciaux

Pasta Ya!
France 2013
directed by Laurent Pouvaret

The Dam Keeper
USA 2013
directed by Robert Kondo, Dice Tsutsumi

SuperBot - Una cuestión de aumento

(SuperBot - A magnifying mess)
Argentina 2013
directed by Pablo Alberto Diaz,Gervasio

Rodriguez Traverso,

Films Tricks for Kids- Shorts 2 (from 4 years)

FRI, 24.4.// 2:30 pm// Metropol 1

Germany 2013
directed by Julia Ocker

Avaze Shab (The Night Song)
Iran 2013
directed by Moeen Samadi

Peter Claus
Germany 2013
directed by Michael Ekblad, Alexandra Schatz

Das Huhn auf meiner Schmusedecke

(Patchwork Chicken)
Deutschland 2013
directed by Andrea Deppert, Angela Steffen

Moya Mama Samolet 

(My mum is an aeroplane)
Russia 2012
directed by Julia Aronova

Trolltag (The Troll Trap)
Germany 2013
directed by Klaus Morschheuser,

Johannes Weiland

Films Tricks for Kids- Shorts 3 (from 8 years)

SAT, 24.4.// 2:30 pm// Metropol 1

Spike 2
France 2012
directed by David Alaux, Eric Tosti

Bache Gorbeh (The Kitten)
Iran  2013
directed by Shiva Sadegh Asadi

Cuerdas (Strings)
Spain 2013
directed by Pedro Solís

Mr Hublot
Luxembourg 2013
directed by Alexandre Espigares,

Laurent Witz

Films Tricks for Kids- Shorts 4 (from 5 years)

SUN, 27.4.// 2:30 pm// Metropol 1

My little croco

France 2013
directed by Étienne Bagot-Caspar

Luxembourg 2013
Regie: Olivier Pesch

Rob’n’ Ron
Denmark 2013
directed by Peter Smith, Magnus Møller

Trudes Tier (Trude's Flatmate)
Gemany 2013
directed by Michael Bohnenstingl,

Klaus Morschheuser, Johannes Weiland

Jamila, gid jeg kunne flyve

(Jamila, if Only I Could Fly)
Denmark 2013

directed by Jannik Hastrup

Home Sweet Home
France 2013
directed by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz,

Romain Mazenet, Stéphane Paccolat

Competition Tricks for Kids-Series

Episodes Tricks for Kids-Series 1 (from 4 years)

WED, 23.4.// 2:30 Uhr// Metropol 1

Masha and the bear: La dolce vita
Russia 2013
directed by Roman Kozitch

Tilly und ihre Freunde: Tippelchens Stern

(Tilly and her Friends: Tippelchens Star)
Germany 2013
directed by Petra Barthel (deutsche Fassung),

Alan Shannon

A Négyszögletű Kerek Erdő /

Maminti, a kicsi zöld tündér

(In the Round Four-Cornered Forest /

Maminti, the Little Green Fairy)
Hungary 2013
directed by Mária Horváth

Ritter Rost TV-Serie Magnetitis

(Knight Rusty TV series Magnetitis)
Germany 2012
directed by Felix Schichl

Dixiland - Dixi e la luna di Traverso

(Dixiland - Dixi and the Moody Moon)
Italy 2011
directed by Andrea Zingoni

Episodes Tricks for Kids-Series 2 (from 7 Jahren)

SUN, 27.4.// 5 pm// Metropol 1

Vic the Viking Eps. 13 'Shape shifting'
France 2013
directed by Eric Cazes

Les as de la jungle à rescousse -

Episode: les rubis sont èternels

(The jungle bunch to the rescue -

Episode: rubies are forever)
France 2013
directed by David Alaux

Sally Bollywood Season 2 -

Camp of doom
France 2012
directed by Eric Bastier

The Adventures of Figaro Pho:

Fear of the Cactus
Australia 2012
directed by Luke Jurevicius